RihRih Toots That Thang Up For Italian TV

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Rihanna performs on the Italian version of X-Factor

RihRih donned some floral bloomers and a petal embellished bra to perform on Italy’s version of “X-Factor” last night. Of course she kept it “edgy” with her biker boots. We feel like we’ve seen Katy Perry wear something like this before. Check out more shots of Rihanna’s performance below:

Rihanna performs on the Italian version of X-Factor

Looks like she enjoyed herself. We’re glad to see somebody finally tamed that rat’s nest on her head. Sorta!

The latest rumors out of the European press are saying BFF Katy Perry is trying to push RihRih and Matty Poo down the aisle next.

“Katy thinks I should get married now, but she needs to calm down on that one,” Stuff.co.nz quoted Rihanna as telling British magazine More!

“I mean, one day, but not just yet – we’re having too much fun,” she said.

We don’t believe this chick is anywhere near getting married. How old is she? 22? She has way more Illumnati sex slaving to get out of her system.



  • nana

    Another Wack_azz broad wit not talent but quick 2 take her clothes off! Uggghhh

    • kalifa

      ……….grinding her cooch on the floor every chance she gets :(

      hey have u seen ciara lately?….i see so much of her cooch grinding on the ground its unbelievable…..

      these broads should spend more time learning how to SING instead of being so $lutty

      ever wonder how men like 50, eminem, lil wayne, TI etc never have to $lut-it-up yet they sell millions? weird huh

  • PLUNTa

    this chick is the worst performer live not even her cute costumes could keep u interested…..just overrated an untalented wretchh

  • LaDiva

    “RihRih Toots That Thang Up For Italian TV”

    What, her back…. ??? Smh there is nothing back there to toot…Lol

    • NBSE

      LMAO! All she has is legs…

  • JayJay

    is that Swizzy in the back???hahaha

    • gordo

      yo i was thinking the same thing…i thought it was big bird at first

  • jayluv

    same ole same ole…

  • maxzo


  • smh

    on another note, I think all the dying of hair is making her hair break off. It looks damage, aw poor thing.



  • Creole Queen

    this chick needs to get lost stop being a h.o.e and go sit down she is so ugly wats going on with all these ugly chicks thinking they cute

  • nikki88

    her performances are just a mess.

  • Truth Teller

    I don’t know what realm Rihanna fans live in because she is not rising,she is falling and I will be glad when that out of shape looking loon fall into a pit of no return.

    The only people that think people are jealous of her are people that try to live vicariously through that no singing tramp.

  • Truth Teller

    Rihanna is so pathethic.Every chance she gets she is always trying to let Chris know what she’s doing.

    I say just get married to Matt,maybe then she will stop begging for Chris attention.


      Thank you I totaly agree with everything you said.

  • Slims

    Peoples which female singer is better Beyonce,Rihanna,Shontelle or Ciara.

    • Truth be told

      Please do not put Beyonce in the same sentence as the other three. She’s been in the game too long and has made it.

      The other three can’t sing. Saw Shontelle at a club, didn’t know she was going to be there but she performed and lipsynced. Ciara can’t sing but she gets the #1 spot as a dancer. Rihanna needs to be a model and stop the foolishness.

  • kay 10

    that biker boot s!ht is not cute at alllllllllll. im sick people thinking that is the hottest thing to do. let me who would really walk around with a dress or anything that she put on and walk around with it on. please i must know

  • damnhater

    maxzo 11/10/10, 11:18:AM


    we know you hate her lol
    rihanna isnt going anywhere haters the more you hate the bigger she gets.rihanna is rising by the way.check the credits hoe!number 1 evertime.she is a platinum artist! stay mad!

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