Antwaun’s Wife To Fantasia: ‘F You, Pay Me!’

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Antwaun cook paula cook and fantasia

It’s not looking good for ‘Tasia’s pockets right now y’all! Fantasia had a little sitdown with Paula Cook (you know the woman married to the man whose name Fantasia got tattooed on her shoulder?) and it didn’t go so well.

According To RadarOnline reports:

American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino met with her boyfriend’s scorned wife, Paula Cook, earlier this month in an attempt to keep the details of Barrino’s alleged affair with Antwaun Cook private and out of the Mecklenburg County courthouse, has exclusively learned.

A source close to the situation says the two women attempted to settle their dispute through private mediation but the ladies were unable to reach a settlement, propelling Cook to move forward with a civil lawsuit against the singer.

“Fantasia and Paula were in mediation for nearly 12 hours on November 1,” a source close to the situation told

“They didn’t settle because Fantasia refuses to acknowledge that she was aware of Paula’s marriage to Antwaun when she started dating him, and Paula is adamant that she knew.”

According to the source, Fantasia and Paula are set to meet in a North Carolina courthouse again on November 22.

“Fantasia was prepared to pay Paula as much as $100,000 to settle during their mediation, but it fell through,” another source told

“Paula plans on going all the way and is going to sue Fantasia for Alienation of Affection.”

Alienation of Affection is a law still recognized by only seven states – one of which is North Carolina – where an abandoned spouse can file lawsuit against the party responsible for the failure of their marriage, typically the adulterous spouse’s lover.

Paula has filed for divorce from her philandering husband, who is still dating Fantasia.

Paula ain’t no fool! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And why settle for 100K when you can get more AND have the benefit of embarrassing the isht out of your cheatin’ husband and his famous mistress at the same time?

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  • jkdfjkaj

    she needs to get over it

    • Hannibal


    • lga

      she probly will get over it after the trail its never hurt to try, i would try too if that was a law in the state i live. Atm shes just in a hurt place and felt betrayed after all and going all the way atm. tobad for fantasia to mess with the wrong men so thats fault on her part.

    • Lady A

      Ok, since when does the wife get paid by the mistress because the husband cheated and lied? She needs to be suing Antwaun not Tasia. Hell we all know men will lie for nookie especially a paid nookie…

    • my two cents

      i pray Fantasia lawyers up SO tight, Cook’s wife doesn’t know what hit her. and after demolishing her, Fantasia countersues!

      while i feel for the wife for choosing a cheater to marry and gift with moving his dna forward, i also see clearly that she is an opportunist. if she is feeling sue happy, she needs to sue HER HUSBAND. HE took the vows, not Fantasia. the ONLY thing Fantasia owes this woman is an apology. aside from that, Mrs. Cook needs to keep it moving and learn to choose better in the future.

      women will always be oppressed all over the world until we stop hating on each other while readily forgiving the men that work overtime to exploit us.

    • nywoman23...killuminati

      i agree with lady a & my two cents. his wife is an opportunist.if fantasia wasnt fantasia and didnt have money what would the wife do ? nothing. i hope she doesnt get any money. but if she does i hope she gets less than the 100,000 that fantasia allegedly offered to pay her.

      and fantasia needs to leave that closeted alone. because it would be messed up if the wife won and the hubby went back to her for both of them to enjoy fanny’s money.wouldnt this be something if all of this was a scheme from the beginning from both cook and his wife, to get money from fanny? smh


      Yes she does..this is so typical of women to blame the mistress for sleeping with the person who was MARRIED to YOU in the first place…so azz backwards. And unless homegurl can prove in court they were talking all of this will be for nothing but for her to paying legal fees.

    • kalifa

      up until recently Fantasia couldn’t even spell so we can safely a$$ume that if a mn tells her he’s single she’ll believe him.

      wifey should focus on why her man left her lame a$$ and stop trying to squeeze money out of fantasia

    • Dyah

      Fantasia is ‘my girl’. I feel sorry for her that she made the mistake of getting involved in this situation. Silly me, somehow I thought that when you were in the public eye that you had ‘ppl’ that helped you kind of research potential mates. There are soooo many scavengers out there now and anyway they are saying that she knew that he was married, well how do we know that this wasn’t a PLOT from the beginining. I’m just saying!!!! dyah

    • Greeneyez

      This a a fugged up law they have in the Carolinas…. Shyt!!! Alot of women mess with men who SAY they are seperated… MEN ALWAYS LIE!!!!! This law needs to be revisted and change for today times……

    • cellie

      I hope that Paula sue the pants of that heffa.

  • why

    what will be funny if she doesnt get shyt, the gurl said she didnt know, how can they prove that! dumb broad

    • ThickLikeCornbread

      Rumor has it…
      Fanny called Paula, taunting her saying “I got ur man” or some stupid b.s. like that



    • Why do dumb s__t!

      If she really didnt know…Why get the tattoo covered up? Put that on one of the “Tasia” episodes where shes pissed and lets the viewers see her get it covered up…dont cover it and then go on tv sayin’ I didnt know he was married. And hire a real “PR”

    • Vasexiilady

      Yea fantasia did call her they showed the messages she left on the woman phone on her show, and that was a big mistake on fantasia part cuz that alone could mess her pockets up, And the fact that she still with the man shows that she dont care, and dont care about anyone feelings but her own. She needs to leave him alone he gon do the samething to her that he did to his wife with her.

  • KMW

    Yea, Paula needs to let it go. Even if Fantasia DID know about the marriage at the end of the day it takes two. He’s more in the wrong than Fantasia! Plus we all know relationships like that don’t always last long. Karma is just around the corner.

  • nana

    Ur husband left u bish deal wit it! Suing and blaming Fantasia doesn’t isn’t gonna bring ur husband back

  • Queen

    She needs to get over it why? The woman thought she had a husband until the media leaks pics of her husband with Fantasia. I would be pissed too! Woman don’t have respect anymore. The man is also wrong cause if he didn’t want his wife he could have left her before all this to save some trouble. sad. This is what our world consist of lies cheat and death. sad!

    • CreolePrincess

      I agree with you. It’s strange to me that everyone is bashing the wife. I’m not saying its right for her to sue, but she has every right to be upset at the BOTH of them. Women don’t respect one another. If it weren’t fir homewreckers, men would have no where to go. SHe married the man, had a child with him, expected him to stay for life folks!

    • Genevive

      I agree with you. Everyone is bashing the wife but she is not an opportunist. If she was she would I…don’t know lie about the events that unfolded and then try to publicized about a suicide a week before an album release. Which did not do her any justice because the record sells were low. It is amazing that some people saying that this woman is opportunistic. I say that she is now a single mother and she deserves finances to take care of her family that Fantasia broke up. I pray that Paula finds solace in her decision.

  • WB

    This woman is just trying to get a pay day due to her failed marriage. Women need to stop blaming the other woman for their husbands mistake. Fantasia did not steal her husband, her husband took his own two feet and walked out of their marriage. If she wants someone to blame she needs to blame her husband or she needs to some soul searching and blame herself. No woman can steal your husband in no way shape or form. She didn’t walk in her house and say “I’m taking yo husband, bye!”

    • Key from the City

      *hand clapping*

    • TK

      ***standing ovation***

      Well said WB. Marriage is a promise between two people (Mr & Mrs Cook) Fantasia doesn’t owe Mrs Cook anything that’s Mr Cook’s job. If her man has a wondering eye she should keep her dog on a leash!


      some women have no soul/shame/ambition! All i would go after is child maintainance…It is the man that broke his promise so why is he not being asked to pay up? I don’t get it. Dumb law

    • Caramello

      Yes, I agree. I can hardly picture a scenario of a husband saying, “No, please, please don’t take me away from my wife!! I don’t want to sleep with you! You’re stealing me away!!!”
      That’s how absurd the ‘stealing’ away a spouse is. You can’t steal something or someone that decided it/they didn’t want to be there in the first place. The only time stealing can be an issue is if you stole an object (that can’t choose in the first place) or a minor child (that doesn’t have the full capacity to decide what they want).

  • 7lady

    Shiiiiid! Get over what? Fantasias gettin everything she deserves. I have no respect for women who mess with married men. Have some kinda boundaries and respect for yourself. Now a boyfriend…hell I’ll do him all night long. Aint no paper before God on him lol!

    • LuVn_liFe

      CO-Sign!!!Even if Fantasia didnt know when she started hearing he was married, (which she did last year)She should have told him,Kick Rocks.
      She chose to stay with this man now she can pay this woman!
      And I heard a few weeks back SHES STILL WITH ANTWAUN”

    • sadie

      thank u!

    • Jellybean Dream

      Why is everyone getting so down on the wife anyway? It’s not like she evented this law, it was already on the books so she has every right to use it.

      I really like Fanatsia but what’s right is right. She should have bounced when she started hearing all those rumblings about him being married (some of which came from her own aunt- now why would she be lying?)

      Then people blame HER like it’s her fault he cheated? Like she should have somehow been clarvoyiant(sp) enough to foresee that he was going to cheat or just sit back and shut up (after the fact)?

      Please GTFOHWTBS…

    • Tiffianee Brookes

      No TY

    • tarchiababy

      thank you

  • Kim

    She’s just after money!!!! Hell if your marriage was on the rocks, why blame Fantasia.. I would fight her tooth and nail….that means to the end!!!!

  • Too through

    He has/had other jump offs….that has come out too so is she gonna sue them too. This broad is usin Fanny for a quick payday….he was and is a dog, get the fuk over it Paula. smh

  • purple love

    Wait fantasia is still with a man that might cost her over a hundred stacks????? Weak b!

  • Ms.Education

    nah what happened was she wanted fantasia to settle in the million dollar range and it didnt happen. So she wants to take it to court like she is really doing something. PLEASE!! she isn’t going to get anything and taking tasia to court makes her seem money hungry and desperate. She better look at what happened to dwayne wades ex wife…one word..FAIL!!

  • fatrea

    Paula you have put Fantasia on blast enough is enough I’m sure your just going after her for the money you should have taken the money

  • bouyant

    am glad we all agree this woman is trying to extort money ..get a life and a job bit c h
    .your ex don’t want you.if it wasn’t fantasia it would be another chick. please!

  • http://bossip mina

    If I was Fantashia that bish wouldn’t get a dime. I would have slapped a penny on the table and thanked her for her thoughts. Fantashia was wrong, I do beleive she knew he was still with his wife but you can’t extort money right or wrong ! Ms cook would have known two years ago she wasn’t getting chit !

    • the truth is.....


  • The Beautiful One

    Some women are just not smart at all. First, how can you honestly be mad and want to sue another woman because your HUSBAND didn’t respect you enough to just be honest and confess about his unhappiness in the marriage? Even in the pictures of the couple, Antwuan’s body language is speaking volumes, he’s not smiling and his hands are in his pockets. Typical body language of a man who’s hiding something and doing a whole lot of dirt.

  • Ms. Keep it REAL

    She definitely knw that this man was married bc she didn’t seem 2 surprised when the sh*t hit the fan. This woman seems 2 have enough common sense 2 knw when she’s got a case that’s going 2 get her paid! She’s doing it 2 show that wolf in a dress that just bc ur rich n famous don’t mean you can do whatever the hell you like. Yall can talk about this woman all you like bt unlike all these celeb marriages gone wrong by the hands of a rich ho, she’s making sure this b***h gets what’s coming 2 her.

    • and the world turns...

      LMFAO @ “wolf in a dress”…2 damn funny!!!

  • The Beautiful One

    Fantasia was dead wrong, you should never, and I mean never, ever date a man who is married or separated. You leave him alone until he has signed divorce papers that have been notarized by a judge.

    • law1977

      that’s right

    • Mamelodi

      ITA. There has to be some accountability on Fannie’s part for not doing a thorough background, probate court, criminal and credit check on dude BEFORE gettin in too deep, ya kno? Think about it….was he separated on paper legally or did he just move out the house and REP himself as “separated”? Dude shady too.

  • Mr. Cool

    NC needs to change this law, ASAP.

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Fantasia tryin to get out of payin millions,Lol.cause One lady not too long ago won 9million in NC,fantasia know it,she gone have to drop it like its too!

    • Ms. Muffin

      Fair exchange is no robbery!!

  • Voodoo Queen

    Did some1 put VOODOO on Fanny?!!!

    She gets out of 1 bad situation 2 another: She went from poor, broke, single mtr to A.I. Winner to filing bankruptcy, almost losing home to Simon saving the home to Antwuan Cook to being called homewrecker, tryna to committ suicide.

    Smbdy sprinkle her with some HOLY WATER & CHICKENS BLOOD pls

    • cw

      that’s not voodoo dear, that’s called Karma and it’s proving to be a b*tch in her life..u lay down with dogs, ur gonna get fleas..she need to stop the madness or things will continue to happen to her…

  • don


  • don

    i KNOW the white lady who made this alienation law. her and her husband had been married 30 years, and never cheated. antwuan been f8cking everyone he can get his hands on. maybe they alienated his affection, AND HE NEVER LIVED WITH OR MARRIED FANTASIA LIKE THE WHITE MAN DID HIS GIRLF.

  • Dottie

    Look at all the homewreckers mad at Paula. If she can get a few coins then let her. Too bad NY doesn’t have this law or Mashonda could be raiding AKey’s pockets. Yes, it’s up the man but if the wife can some kind of justice (even monetary) then let her.

    I’m willing to bet most of the women saying Paula should let it go would do the same thing if the shoe was on their foot. You’d be on your way to court with visions of Gucci dancing in your heads.

    • TK

      Nah mate not me. I would simply file for divorce, get a pretty settlement and keep it moving, why? coz its humiliating enough for your man to leave you for another woman not forgetting hurtful so i would more than happy to keep the little pride i have left move on and hope the media ever gets a pic of me for all the world to see and pity. This will be a hard case for her to win any good lawyer would tell you that. He is a cheat they will prove Fanny isn’t the 1st woman he has messed around with that she knew off and ask her why she never took action against them. She is an opportunist that’s all they need to prove refusing to settle out of court is point and case. She should have just kept the little pride she had left.

  • chica

    pay up HO!!!

  • blah

    Get your money from that ugly b**

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