Jaden And Little Willow Treat Mommy To A Vacay In Hawaii

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Jada Pinkett Smith Hawaii Vacation

The Pinkett-Smiths took a Big Willy-free family vacation in Hawaii this weekend. Isn’t it fantastic to reap the benefits of putting the fruit of your loin to work?

Jaden and Little Willow got their water sports on all weekend, even getting Jada up on a wakeboard. Where was dad? Back in Cali attending Trey’s football game.



  • nana

    Yep that’s a BAD Bish! Work hard play hard!

  • Kali MA

    Im going to put the Fruit of My Loins to work Really soon….. Dance Boy Dance! LOl

    • texas-rose


    • Awilli

      Too funny!! This my day lol See its the little things haha

    • Awilli

      *made lol


    being home-schooled is the shyte! hang ten, willow. just whip it. lol:-)

  • A+ moms

    Got to love this mother.

  • Karla

    she looks stressed out- lol

  • Mak

    Why the hell, those kids aren’t in school? They are never in school.lol

  • angel
  • Karla

    Mak 11/16/10, 01:11:PM

    Why the hell, those kids aren’t in school? They are never in school.lol

    I know, right! I guess she figures since they’re rich, they can afford to be dumb as rocks- lol

  • angie

    Jada’s face always looks so hard, sculpted, but hard looking.

    • Diddythat!!!

      I agree

  • Machelle

    Wow…censoring comments much for stories on the white broads? Well amber rose is still a half breed stripper stank..get over it..LOL

    • BeautifulGirl

      Girl you ain’t know!??!

      B o ssip will block you in a heartbeat! Play around and post something THEY mad at.


  • Lawd da Mercy

    We don’t see her and fine azz Will together too often. Hope all is well, beautiful family. Kids are home schooled and I don’t blame them. Live,Life and explore your talents.

  • Diddythat!!!

    Being rich must be nice

    • Nella


  • maru-chan

    Yo, Don’t let school get in the way of learning. I was homeschooled my last year of HS and it was the SH*T. I graduated with a 3.8, how ya like them apples? Shout outs to all my peeps that did/are doing homework on the beach! Somebody tell Jada and Will that I’m trying to get adopted. My dude is Korean, adopt this n*gga too and we can get the jolie-pitt flavor poppin’ too!

    I love this family, keep doing ya thing Smiths!
    Haters sound off in 3..2..1…

    • debra Mason

      3.8 more people need to get on board! It is the greatest thing in the world for the majority of children!

  • maru-chan


    Damn b*tch, are you on payroll for hating? Get a life!

  • Monica

    I think she was just squinting.. because of the sun.. Ive seen recent pictures of Jada.. and as we can tell she’s had work done.. she still looks beautiful as ever

  • http://u bklynlady

    I remember when Willow was months old and Jada had her in the pool learning how to swim.

    Nice pic’s!

  • Felecia

    @Kagen…wow did you even read what Will’s ex said?? To paraphrase what she said…She said that if she and Jada became friends and had a falling out that would jeopardize the relationship that they each have with the kids. To read anything else out of that is stooopid.

  • FaSho

    Jada looks very weary. Still beautiful. But I think Wi;;’s ex wife looks better tho. I hope those kids are really getting home schooled.

    • Caramel Cat™

      I’ve always thought from day one that his first wife looked better than Jada…but, I guess he isn’t concerned about all that, as long as the woman makes him happy…

  • By The Way

    No Jada just looks old. Whatever surgery she had it seems like it had a opposite affect. Instead of looking youg she looks like SCARECROW.

  • By The Way


  • hmmmmmmm

    Jada definitely could’ve done without the cheek implants cuz she was beautiful before. They make her look older. I guess thats what hollyweird can to a person. I still love her tho.

  • Booger Bear


  • loveit

    Yeah, I couldn’t post on the white bread pancake booty yesterday. You can only hate on Black women here. P.S. Whoever got time to study avatars and try and guess whose comment=FAIL!

    • Caramel Cat™

      lmao! I can only a.ssume this was dire.cted at me…trust me, I didn’t have time to study the comments, but if you scroll up and see the comments made by Karla and Monica, it’s very obvious that it’s the same person right off first glance…that type of stuff cracks me up when I see it…’tis all…

  • !!!!!


  • loveit

    Jada done had had cheekbones all her life, yet people sayin she had plastic surgery? It’s called age! When you age it may n0t show up as wrinkles like some folks, but you may get that tired look. Do yall expect her to look the same forever? She’s on the beach with no makeup, if she had surgery seems like there would be scars. Black folks do tend to scar more than others.

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