Quote Of The Day: Rihanna Goes In On Hatin’ A$s Blogs And The Losers Who Read Them

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Rihanna had an epiphany, and just now figured out that everyone who writes on and/or reads blogs hate EVERYTHING about themselves:

I read the blogs sometimes, it depends on what it is I am trying to find out. I’m a lot more numb to it now only because I understand what it is.

It’s a community for people who don’t have anything else to do and hate themselves, they hate their life, they hate their job, they hate their appearance, they are uncomfortable with who they are so what makes them feel good is talking smack about other people who they think they will never ever see in their life and they happen to be celebrities.

It seems impossible to ever have the opportunity to say these things to their face, so they get to hide behind their computer.

Relax, babygirl. It’s only entertainment.

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  • Jane Doe

    Its true though, people say a lot of crap on the Internet they wouldn’t say to someones face.

  • John

    I’m not a fan of Rihanna but she is right!!

    • Understanding

      No she is not right! Some people blog for a living and get paid very well!

      Good Blogs attract attention! The more readers and post the more attractive for advertisers which simply put equals…..$$$$$

      For this child to say such a foolish thing, not even thinking her fans could in fact be reading this mess, says a whole lot about her.

      She has low self esteem and fears the blogs could somehow affect her career.

      Believe in yourself Rihanna!

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  • ?

    Of course she is right but, that comes with the territory of being in the public eye. All celebs are talked about whether it is good or bad. She should just ignore it because you are always going to have people who don’t like you aor what you do, say, wear etc. She will just have to take it or find something else to do if it bothers her so much. Pre Obama has a slew of haters and it is not stopping him from leading our country. Jesus Christ himself had haters but he continued to pray and he forgave them. Beyonce has haters to the nth degree and she is not whining about them she just keeps it movimg.


    …in more ‘hoe sit down’ news.😦

  • Jus Some Cat

    What a picture, nice.

  • ?

    Rihanna should be thankful for the blogs and the Haters because tehy are keeping her in the spotlight and she is talked about without that she would be irrelevant by now. She should enjoy it while she can because as the saying goes fame is fleeting.

  • http://bossip Pimp4ADay

    Errrrm is it just me or are those breasts inviting. They look very plump and succulent. Just saying. Just saying!!

  • ELLA

    yah it’s true Riri. I feel ya.

  • giraffe

    If she wasnt a celeb i bet she would be on blogs commenting on those celebs, gal chill out enjoy ur fame while u still can

    • 6 Figgaz


  • that damn sh!t disturber

    in a lot of cases i would probably agree with her but people like me are just here out of pure boredom sometimes…

    • that damn sh#$ disturber

      besides the only times i am hateful is in child/animal abuse cases and puffy!

    • just so you know

      You’re second comment about diddy got me snorting with laughter lmao!!

  • Guest

    Well I am very happy with my life, my job, my body, my beauty, and my man. And if I saw you on the street sweetie. I would still tell you that your red weave looks like sh*t. Hell if you had any true friends they would tell you.

    • gray

      lol fe true !!!!

    • Gwerl

      hilarious!!^^ I really wish Rhianna wouldn’t have said that. She always lashes back at ppl! lol. She mad!! Blogs have both positive and negative effects. She should be more mature and professional to know that. She insulted all blog writers and readers and thats not cool.

    • Truth is

      @ Guest When your hoodrat *ss decides to open your mouth to criticize her I hope one of her bodygaurds punch you so hard in the mouth that you will never think about saying some stupid sh*t to anybody ever again.

    • attention whores unite


      @truthis…i wish one of her bodyguards would lay a hand on me…i could use the millions from the lawsuit. She is just a celebrity, not God, she is not above being criticized.

    • chelsea


    • iamjane

      i think think rihanna was talking about you!insecure blogger

  • ?

    i thought she was such a BADAZZ and nothing bothered her. Well, I guess not huh?? She should take a cue from Queen Beyonce and keep it moving you don’t see Beyonce whining about her many haters in interviews and such. She si still going to continue with her stellar career.

    • ELLA

      Well that’s Beyonce..This is Rihanna. She has the right to feel this way, just like you have the right to talk about anybody and even more so if somebody kept talking about you.

    • Mystyri



    • Understanding

      I think she needs to relax and grow up! If people aren’t talking about you, you’re not doing anything!

      Im sure alot of her fans read blogs and blogs regarding her. These celebrities want all the attention when they’re trying to make it; then once they get there they want to be held on a pedestal or something.

      Fact is there are numerous blogs, political, religious etc..

      What does it really say about her to make a foolish comment like this?

      You gotta roll with the punches and ups and downs that come with fame!

      Popularity comes with fame and comments, opinions and critics go with the popularity!

      Keep hoping to be left alone little girl and you may get just that… No record sales, no sell-out concerts and no responses to ad campaigns.. Is this what you really want?

  • abcdefg

    note to self

    not everyone is going to like u

    and its ok

    i can agree or disagree with what shes saying

    as a music lover some of her ish is good to dance to
    i wouldnt buy it but would dance to it

    as a person with vision
    she isnt to hard on the eye and i wouldnt dare wear some of her outfits but hey it works for her

    again everyone isnt going to like u
    so u have to take the gd with the bad
    like the other commentor said
    its the blogs and its commentors that help keep her n the public and boost those record sales

  • resurrected

    Regardless it is a catch 22 you want people attention but then want another human being to be half human and too keep all of there negative comments to themselves. Our lives can go on just fine without an Rhianna or the image of her but her career can not go on with out the attention of her so called fans. Celebrities need to get a clue and stop trying to make people love them or like them because it is a personal choice. Sometime I wish that everyone would just give attention too more productive things in there lives and in there environment.

  • syreeta

    I think this was a way of venting for her because I saw some chick write some horrible stuff to her on twitter (CB fan) and sometimes ppl go in on her harder than necessary but u have to ignore those ppl not everyone will like u and if u know u not a ho n don’t have stds it shouldn’t bother u but at the end of the day don’t do nuffn crazy rih

  • Matix B

    Bluekid…where you at sister! RiRi going off on you making as sumptions and shyt.

    • Blue Kid

      That bytch need to shut up and do some puzzy exercise to get some elasticity in her crouch, with her puzzy, hanging all out of her pants.
      Talking about her music is deep the only thing deep about rihanna is her puzzy.
      Rihanna need to STFU and go to the nearest priest for an exorcist, to expelled the demons out of her AZZ.

  • wtfever


  • phelove


  • MissPerfect

    Rihanna shut up bishhh .. when you are in the public eye how can you not expect be talked about it doesnt matter who you are someone is always gonna have something to say about you negative or postive .. if i see a topic about rihanna imma write what i feel because that what you do on blogs lol! and then imma move on i think its safe to say people dont think about you or any artist 24/7 well at least i DONT … and why are you going on blog to read about yourself thats lame!

    • MissPerfect

      Now run and tell dat !

  • gray

    Is it just me or is her interview a complete contradiction ? If she loved herself or was comfortable with herself then she wouldn’t need to act or dress the way she does. She would carry herself with more respect. To me it seems as if she is looking for validation, like she is unsure of who she is. At the end of the day, I love myself, am completely comfortable with who I am and all the personal and professional success I have achieved. I think she is a beautiful young lady but I would advise her to finish high school before she proceeds to call anyone out on anything.

  • SAB

    Who the f@ck cares…..I dont understand why there is so much hype around this girl…

  • Matix B

    Everyone in the entertainment industry hates themselves and has low self esteem. Why the faq do you think they put themselves out there? To stroke their EGO’s, they need the attention to feel fulfilled. They sell themselves literally for a price just to be perceived as Elite. Models, actresses and dancers are notorious for being overwhelmingly insecure and vapid. GET OVER YOUR SELF, it’s not that serious like we go to sleep with RiRi or any other celebrity on our minds. What you eat doesn’t make me shyt so miss me with all that bs.

    • resurrected

      Hollywood is all about the deterioration of values and family time so many people lose there souls trying to be famous. Hollywood, TV and internet should really be used in moderation. Whatever happened to having a life outside of the image of the entertainment industry?

    • ECouttadaQC

      no truer words have been spoken on a blog! i so concur!

  • chrissy

    but i see she is on a blog so what does that make her…

  • tg

    I actually agree with her – THIS TIME. However, the hate is not reserved for celebrities – some bloggers hate EVERYONE. To sit around typing hateful things all day – you must not like yourself or your life. Its not that serious to be so serious with people you don’t even know – personally. One thing the blog shows – there is a lot more miserable people out there than I originally thought. Its scary

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