Wait A Minute… Michael Jackson Isn’t Blanket’s Dad???

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Blanket and Michael Jackson

We knew Debbie Rowe was the mother of Michael Jackson’s kids Prince and Paris, but we always figured that if Michael made ANY of those kids, it had to be Blanket! After all, how fawked up do you have to be to dangle somebody else’s seed off a balcony (just sayin)… Now come to find out Michael’s old bodyguard and Prince and Paris’ godfather are BOTH being tested to see if they’re the biological father of Blanket.

MICHAEL Jackson’s ex-bodyguard is to take a paternity test to determine if he fathered one of the late star’s children.

British Matt Fiddes, 31, believes he is the biological father of the Thriller hitmaker’s youngest son, eight-year-old Prince Michael II; known as Blanket, while another British man, Mark Lester, has also come forward claiming sperm he donated to the legendary King of Pop was used to father the singer’s daughter Paris, now 12.

Both men — who plan to take DNA tests to prove they fathered the children — say they were in regular contact with the children until Michael’s unexpected death from acute Propofol intoxication last June.

“We are going to have DNA tests. It breaks our heart watching the kids on TV,” Matt told The Sun newspaper.

He added that he may seek custody of Blanket when his legal guardian, Michael’s elderly mother, Katherine, 80, can no longer look after the boy.

Matt — a martial arts trainer, who had acted as Michael’s bodyguard in the UK on a number of occasions — is seeking the paternity test after he donated sperm when the singer said he wanted to have “athletic” children.

Mark, meanwhile, is godfather to Paris and her elder brother, Prince Michael I, 13, both of whom were born to Michaels’ second wife Debbie Rowe.

SMH… Why now? Is it just us or does it just seem like everybody is thirsty dancing to get a piece of the Jackson estate?


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