Holiday Swirling At Home With Khlomar

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Khloe Kardashian-Odom Lamar Odom People Magazine Holiday Issue

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are helping People Magazine spread the holiday cheer by sharing their very first Christmas in their ginormous Tarzana house with the whole world.

Before People’s 2010 Holiday Extra issue even hits stands, Khloe shared some scans from the mag as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes pics from the shoot with Robbie-poo and Khloe’s BFF/assistant Malika.

It’s a huge improvement from the Khlomar’s 2009 Christmas, spent at the swanky SLS Hotel Beverly Hills.

Khloe Kardashian-Odom Lamar Odom Christmas 2009

We can’t front: these two almost have us convinced that they really make each other happy.



  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    like them together. happy they actually made it this long and marriage looks damn good on khloe (and so does purple!)

    • that damn sh#$ disturber

      that’s a shame when a year married is a shocker! but they suit each other.

    • Hebe

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  • nana

    The pictures are indeed Corny! But I really think Lamar genuinely loves this Chic!

    • oh girl stop

      I agree can’t wait to here baby news

    • sha

      K… thought it was just me…I was waitin’ for bing crosby’s ghost to jump from behind the tree and start singin… :P

      But hey if they happy….

    • ImaPC

      Don’t they spend like 75% of their life on camera? Does he even know her yet?

      I think Lamar is kind of slow, but also in love with the attention he gets from having a tv show and a Kardashian.

      As for the pics-nice.

  • purple love

    Much better than that pathetic sob story kim had on the cover last week

  • smh

    she is the realist and best looking to me of all of them she deserves happiness

    • DeE

      I agree!!!!!

    • jasmine

      Strongly agree! She seems to be warm, generous, hardworking, independent but yet appropriately submissive to her husband, etc. Best wishes Khloe and Lamar!!!

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  • oh girl stop

    I Love Khole and Lamar so happy 4 the both of them I love Rob and Malika and all of them look to really enjoy each other one big happy family the are so normal to me no extra if the cameras was not there they seem like they would be just as HAPPY

  • Liz

    I <3 them together!

  • Tina

    Beautiful pics! Mr. & Mrs. Lamar Odom do look happy indeed! They have great chemistry. Wish them all the best. I like them for each other because they just seem like regular folks when their together. They compliment each other and are about each other’s speed.

  • LaDiva

    She looks great in the purple dress…

  • whatisthat

    what is up with the tree..charlie brown could have decorated the tree better than them…they look happy together…now ya go on and live your lives behind the cameras..

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    • starlite

      I know I shouldn’t laugh, but that was funny!

  • Miko

    God bless their union… Happiness ALWAYS!

  • LuVn_liFe...

    That purple dress and booty pads Look good on Khloe

    • Est.1981

      I thought I was the only one that noticed that also.

  • yvonne

    what i like about khloe is what u see is what u get, no pretenses, i wish them the best but she has to be careful of that bestie of hers hanging around all the time. Keep a close eye on her, just saying.

    • postmycommentbossip

      yeah you’re right, thats the real problem with Khloe. Not the fact that she curses like a sailor, encourages her MUCH younger sisters to acto way too grown and disrespect their father.

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