New Couple? Is Kanye Joining The Kardashian Family Or Just Smashing Kimmy’s Cakes To Smithereens?

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Kim Kardashian Kourtney Kardashian and Kanye West

Looks like Khloe and Lamar aren’t the only ones loving it up for the winter. Yeezy and Kimmy Cakes are rumored to be getting it in somethin’ serious… So much so that the Kardashian family is opening up their home to the rapper to spend the Holidays with them.

The November 22nd issue of OK! Magazine details the romance between the Chicago MC and Calabasas reality star:

“He’s considered a part of the family,” a Kardashian insider tells OK!. “They think he is smart, successful and a great influence on Kim.”

The magazine points out that while the pair have known each other for some time, lately they’ve been there to support all of each others important moments — Kim was present at Kanye’s Oct. 19 Chicago premiere of Runaway which was followed by a dinner date at Bijan’s Bistro, in turn Kanye showed up for Kim’s 30th birthday party and the New York opening of Dash.

“Kanye and Kim have been attracted to each other for a long time,” reveals the family insider. “Kim just hasn’t been in the right place and they’ve both been in relationships, so the timing was never right.”

The insider also claims Kim’s ex Reggie was jealous of her relationship with Yeezy while they were dating.

“She’s really come into her own,” another insider tells OK!. “She’s in a better place to fall in love and find her soul mate.”

SMH… Soul mate? Whatever.

The so-called insider claims Ye is still playing coy in public but is “smitten” with her.

“You can tell Kanye has feelings for her, the way he looks at her.”

These two are almost as bad as Chad Ochocinco and Evelyn Lozada. Give us a break! We’ve heard the Kim and Kanye rumors before and let’s be honest — neither of these trainwrecks is truly ready for a relationship.

Who thinks this would be a good match?

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  • imjustsayin


  • nana

    ME @ENUFF! I swear if Yeezy gets wit this Hoe am done wit him…lol

  • sha

    He’s perfect for her…he’s ALWAYS in the news! 🙂 😛

  • Carribean Queen

    Kanye West seems very sneeky and mentally unstable. Kim is pretty but way too desperate and keeps falling for young, immature, black dudes who only want her vagina. If only she had self love and self respect; she could be a stronger & less gullible young lady. I think Kim needs her father back. xo

  • 100

    I guess this skank has finished letting NFL run through her and has moved on to rappers. Kanye’s poor mama would be so disappointed in this brotha.

  • Wake Up Blk Ppl

    Kanye gone from certified freak to certified 100% American PLASTIC…FAIL!

  • Whitney

    They’d be cute together.

  • HeartBreak

    That pic does look like he’s about to jump on her. LOL

  • Bren


  • Jaye

    You know what I’m over both of them. Let them have each other!!

  • Vanilla Sky

    She saw that pic of his prick. Only a matter of time before those witches slip him some Armenian hoodoo. He’ll be walking around nuttier than the step father Bruce.

    • yvonne


  • dinner

    ya know these pics are photoshopped they are not real

  • Who Dat

    Wow, how’d I know sellout boasip was going to post on this lame hoe.

  • Ww3

    Duh dummy this whole arena of life called entertainment is a big Photoshop u just gotta play ur role n get paid cuz if u wanna be seen u wanna be broke nuff said I’ll Holla

  • Fakeness

    @ Fake Boring Kim K…HOE SIT DOWN!

  • Can I vote

    Yo I just notice something she ( Kim k) look good but she done talked to a few people common this ain’t high school n u know like I do their r worse people out their yeah I heard she had a tape but I thought she did music lol but either way I look at her I sew beauty cuz when u transform u da beast.

  • Lukie

    At least this one has her own money and a lot of it. They are also fashion obsessed. I could see it. The Tabloids would implode…

  • chicken little

    I am the only one that thinks mama Kardashian is a big @ss pimp? She don’t give a d@mn who they marry as long as they got that long paper.

  • HeartBreak

    @Get over it & Can I vote.

    We know your the same person.

    Please don’t post and smoke weed at the same time. Thoughts expressed on the board should be- at the very least- coherent. Thank you for your cooperation.

    -The Management

    • cheater

      LOLOLOLOL!! I was thinking the same thing…Like “Doo-Doo-Dooo-the number you have reached is currently out of service, please hang up and try again.”

      Weed too is a hellava drug…for some. LOLOL

  • YoMomma

    I bet itz only because of the “K” in “Kanye”(“he being part of the family”) *sarcasm* :-p

  • candy15

    I think its some sort of publicity stunt, but in some twisted way they are perfect for each other. lol

  • Nola

    I’m more disappointed in him, than her. I expect that from her, but I thought he would know better after amber rose. It’s sad, cause he’s so gifted as an artist. He’s smart, but he lacks a brain in the love department, but I guess he explains that concept with the lyrics in runaway.

  • tru


  • Theresa

    You fools should live your life and take care of your OWN, If they are happy with each other let them be! Everyone deserves to be Happy and to enjoy their Lives. It is hard enough,in this World. One of the things you have controll over is to be positive and Happy or Negative and poison of Tongue.

  • Littleenglander

    Is it bad that I really want this mess to be true?

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