Do Kegel Exercises Really Work And If So, How Long Does It Take To Notice A Difference???

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It has always been said that diamonds are a girls best friend but for some women they beg to differ. Their best friends are Kegel exercises that help them keep the man that buys the diamonds. Some women do va-jay-jay aerobics but never really have a system to it so, they end up not really know if it is effective or not.

Here is some background info with a couple of brief pointers to guide you:

History: Kegel exercises are named after Dr. Arnold Kegel who developed the contracting and relaxing exercise in the 1950s.

Significance: By doing Kegel exercises, pregnant women help strengthen their pelvic floor muscles allowing for an easier vaginal delivery, urinary control is improved and sexual response for both men and women is heightened.

Location: Pelvic floor muscles are located in the lower pelvic area between the hip bones. They are made up of many muscle fibers in the pelvic area.

How Kegel Exercises are Done: By practicing stopping the flow of urine, pelvic floor muscles are contracted. Allowing urine to flow freely is relaxing the muscles. This is the same concept of a Kegel exercise. Kegel exercises can be done anywhere at anytime by contracting and relaxing these muscles.

Time Frame: By doing 10 to 20 quick Kegel exercises 3 to 4 times a day results may be seen in 8 weeks.

How many of you ladies already do va-jay-jay aerobics and have notice a significant difference while bumpin’ and grindin’ with your special someone???


  • Naebaybee


    • Buasw

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  • YES

    YES they do work! i’ve done them for years and i’m always told my pussy is fire and hella tight! ladies step ya pussy up!

  • jayluv

    what was the whole point in covering up in the pic above? her whole vajayjay is exposed, a thumb covering her slit, doesn’t really count as COVERING up…kegels all the way…


    @MsDiva,first congratulations on your impending motherhood,its truly one of the most precious gifts the lord can give a woman.
    Kegel exercises are beneficial in many ways.Not only do they keep the vagina in tip top shape,they also help child delivery,I have never had a c-section with any of my children and my doctor told me when I delivered my last one that judging by my pelvic muscles one would never tell I had any children!!MsDiva,begin those exercises immediately after childbirth and good luck and safe delivery!!!!

  • lakerluv

    @ Nesha 4 kids in 5 years your vajay jay doesn’t rest and maybe that’s why your man says its not the same.

    • BusyBody

      Co-sign. I was thinking the same thing.

  • blkqueen39

    They do work but I must do it with caution. Very sensitive and it can cause me to react. LOL

  • nicki p

    lmao@lakerluv i was thinking the same thing.glad you said it.

  • bouyant


  • !!!!!


  • momo

    @lakerluv EXACTLY that thing didn’t have time to heal! Just kept snappn the rubberband effect! Kegels do work! I always get the “like a virgin” compliment from my man

  • dre

    keep it real kept it on point, I agree pretty much with most of it, its about genetics. I likes them tight! and no dry pu$$y.



  • Lil Bebop of the North Wind

    @keep it real

    Sounds like you have a tiny little 3 inch man meat between your legs.

    Mother f_cker step your dyck up and stop being a bytch.

    “oh I can’t full up a p.ussy because it is big as a cave”

    Bytch you need to get yourself a dyck pump so you could actually be able to touch the walls of a p.ussy.

  • Kalita

    I have had two vaginal deliveries, this did not stretch my stuff out of shape, my husband says it still feels the same.

  • phyre

    Nesha needs a can off ***snap dat pussy back, whipish***

  • SeXXXi 504 Lady

    Lmmao @ well well. Y u play so much lol?

  • Keep it Real

    @Lil Bebop of the North Wind

    lol Yeah ok. There’s a reason I’m confident enough to talk size. I’ve never had any complaints and they always come back. So what does that tell u? Never engage in pizzing contest with skunks because your bound to lose nor fight or argue with ugly people. They have nothing to lose. FYI, Lil Bebop, I know who you are.

  • Quilombo

    does NOT work if the pet name for your punanny is “rubber band!”

  • cdaawt

    How do you do kegel exercises?

  • SexyBlack81

    The only way to tighten that va-jay-jay perminently is vagioplasty surgery. Kegels can’t do the trick if you’re sexually active. PK24 is a new product and is the only cream approved by the FDA for vaginal tightening. It works for 24 hours recommend for married women.

  • kim

    I’ve never done them and my man has never complained nor anyone I dated before. I really think it’s about finding a man with a decent sized D!!!

  • Tracy

    Men who have a problem with their woman’s vajayjay usually have a small D and those are the same men who want to F**K you in the A**.

  • tommykimon

    typo *some*

  • Honut Sinti

    10 children and like a drum.

    Come on and get your tom tom.

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