Details Of The Shady Stripper Shenanigans That Went Down At Kwame Kilpatrick’s Mansion Emerging

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kwame kilpatrick strippers at mansion wife

This Kwame Kilpatrick character is still in the news with some straight hood sounding ish that has no business going down in a “mayor’s mansion”:

A lawyer says a stripper got $1,000 to perform at a dope-fueled party at the Detroit mayor’s mansion and saw Kwame Kilpatrick’s wife attack a woman who was giving the then-mayor a lap dance.

Tamika Ruffin’s statement comes in documents released Sunday by Norman Yatooma, lawyer for another stripper killed months after the long-rumored 2002 party. Yatooma’s filing is a response to efforts by Kilpatrick and the city to dismiss a lawsuit by Tamara Greene’s family. The 27-year-old Greene was shot to death in 2003. Her family says city officials suppressed the investigation.

No one has been charged, and city lawyers deny officials squelched a probe. Ruffin claims Carlita Kilpatrick attacked Greene with a table leg or board. City and Kilpatrick lawyers did not return messages to The Associated Press.

SMH. Talk about the hood life…


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