Little Lakers Fan Loses His Life: 2-Year Old Plunges 50 Feet To His Death From Luxury Suite After Crawling Out Of Parents Sight

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Luxury  Suites at the Staples Center

This is so sad. A toddler suffered fatal injuries last night after a tragic tumble from a luxury suite at the Staples Center shortly after the Lakers defeated the Golden State Warriors 117-89.

The parents of a 2-year-old who died after plunging 50 feet from a Staples Center luxury suite had lost sight of their son and were searching for him when they learned he had fallen, said sources familiar with the investigation.

The boy, Lucas Anthony Tang, had been crawling around the suite during the Lakers’ game against the Golden State Warriors, sources said. At some point, his parents noticed he was missing and began to look for him.

They did not know then that their son, who would have turned 3 in January, had fallen. Witnesses at the game told The Times that the boy was moving his arms, legs and head before paramedics took him out on a stretcher.

A spokesman for AEG, the company that manages Staples Center, said he had no comment at this time.

The death is being investigated by the LAPD’s abused-child unit, a standard practice that officials said does not necessarily mean a crime has been committed.

We’re still trying to understand how this happened. Those suites are blocked in by a low wall of glass that should have been high enough to prevent a toddler from climbing over. Something doesn’t seem right about this.

Better preventative measures should have been in place, it shouldn’t take something like this happening for them to build an effective barrier.

Poor baby.

R.I.P. Lucas



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