Kimmy Cakes Scoops Up Halle Berry’s Sloppy Seconds!!

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Turns out Kim Kardashian and Gabriel Aubry’s courtside canoodling was a little more than we thought.

Looks like Kimmy got herself a new lil boo just in time for the holiday season. The lucky schmuck that will be spooning those Devil’s Food cakes is none other than Halle Berry’s former flame Gabriel Aubry! The couple was spotted courtside at the Lakers game laughing, talking, and making mushy faces.

Looks like Halle Berry’s ex model beau may have found his rebound girl: Kim Kardashian!

On Sunday, Gabriel Aubry attended the L.A. Lakers game with Kardashian, 30, at his side. An onlooker said the pair were “definitely flirty” at the game.

An insider tells the duo “met through friends.”

Aubry, 34, has kept a low profile since he and Berry, 43, announced their split in late April. He and the Oscar-winning actress spent four years together, and have a daughter Nahla, 2.

We’re not even mad at Mr. Aubry, he’s definitely chopping down the cream of the crop of Hollywierd’s finest poon-tang, besides, Kim can’t be any more batsh*t crazy than Halle.



  • Jess

    I don’t even know what to say about that……nevermind

    • cellie

      Kimmy would sleep with a Snake if it asked her to.

    • DGWEes

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    • Sepia830

      LOL at her on the cover of People Magazine last week saying she thought she would be married by now. B*tch maybe if you quit changing your face every 5 minutes, Mr. Right would be able to find you.

  • Angee

    OMG! :roll:

    • kalifa

      we all know kim doesn’t like white men.

  • Soul Star

    KIM IS A HOE! She got waaaayy too much makeup on…Damn!

  • 4 Real

    Agreed, there’s no difference between super head amd Kim K except one is WHITE.


    LAWD people! they are just working…it’s called publicity and more publicity for them….he is GAY! just like when she hangs out with kanye…same thing. NOTHING..AS IN NADA IS GOING ON BETWEEN THEM!

  • Real Talk

    If it looks like hoe, walks like a hoe and talks like a hoe it must be Kim Kardashian…lol

  • CeeCee

    I hope there just friends. I really do. Kim just seems so desperate.

  • CeeCee

    I hope their just friends. I really do. Kim just seems so desperate.

  • PSA

    Aubry likes black women not used up plastic white tramps

  • Sheri

    Wow a bunch of fat ugly welfare b*tches talkin sh*t about Kim K, while they sit in the hood waiting for their foodstamp. Go figure!! SMDH, this chick is on her grind 24/7 and you ghetto, mudrats don’t have nothing better to do but hate. How the h*ll do you know who she screwed? Did she f*ck you all ugly *ss? Stupid a** b*tches.

    • JUDY

      Khloe you need to sit your ugly rejected butt down somewhere hopefully in front of a truck. Hi five @ LOL.

  • VirgoJewel

    Kim knows good and well she don’t want that white dude. Stop playin’!



  • aqueenwaits

    ….to be quite honest EErbody is somebody’s sloppy seconds. But if the’s who he wants to do, then good for them. There’s not one thing wrong with it. Go own Gabriel, hit dat!

  • Chyna

    I like Kim; I do think she needs to slow and enjoy being single for awhile and hey everyone is someones sloppy seconds unless you get with a virgin. Give Kim a break they could be just friends.

  • saaj

    wow!!!! she really get around…hollywood is not that big

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