Goodness Gracious Guess These Bountiful Backs

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Nicki Minaj at her CD signing for "Pink Friday" at Best Buy

Rumor has it these cakes are enhanced! It shouldn’t be hard to tell who this tail belongs to. If the crazy waist to a$$ ratio isn’t enough of a hint, the pink tights should be a dead giveaway.

Nicki Minaj at her CD signing for "Pink Friday" at Best Buy New York City, USA - 23.11.10

It’s Rainbow Brite Barbie B*tches!

Nicki Minaj celebrated the release of her debut album Pink Friday in New York yesterday with the launch of a Pink Friday lipstick at the Times Square MAC store, followed by an album signing at Best Buy.

Lots more photos below:



  • Peace


    • krystals310

      she also wears butt pads on top of her injected butt XD and that outfit and hair is a FAIL!

    • Black Power

      So, you all come to a site just to post hateful comments. Your lives must be completely f****d up!

      I LOVE to see my SISTERS succeed. I wish Nicki MUCH success!!!

    • Black Power

      So, you all come to a site just to post hateful comments??? Your life must be completely f****d up!!!

      I LOVE to see my sisters succeed. I wish Nicki Minaj MUCH success!!!

  • nana

    Loveeeeee her boots!

    • berrygirlusa

      OK!!!!! The Hotness!! I need them bad boys!!

  • kmr1

    My fanny is better, real and it’s fantastic:)

  • purple love

    My wife of course they look smaller than they did on 106 tho

  • ignoranceisbliss

    Bought and paid for….Young money!!!

    I thank Lil Wayne for his talented vision in upgrading a duck with no butt to a dime. Now she is going platinum?


    She is such a joke!
    Can you get any dumber? She looks like a freak azz clown!




    Oh by the way!

    This azz is fake! Fake! Fake!

    Google pics of Nicki 2 years ago. She had NO azz. Now all of a sudden she is round and hippy!


    Hell nah!

  • Abee

    Say wat u want Nicki is doing it big!

    • Here to Share Knowledge...Not Argue With you

      Yeah she doing it big….big, dumb and fake…and her album is a flop…already….even if she has “decent” numbers next week, they are only going to dwindle week by week….this bytch is wack…where is Keys????



  • http://bossip GAT TURNER

    Ahh yess the tool for enslaving YOUNG BLAKK GIRLZ MINDS!

  • shut the fu*ck up

    they look like butt pads
    and her nose from the dide looks witchey like

  • For Real tho'

    LOL…her butt is pregnant

    • Sepia830

      LOL. At first sight I thought it was a pregnant stomach and a flat a$$.

  • James

    Fix that nose, it looks like a big toe or a foot. But she is still cute

  • VirgoJewel

    The outfit is cute. I love the colors. I wouldn’t bother with the wig though.

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Nicki got a baby on her back! Lol

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