Jesus Take The Wheel: 13-Year-Old Takes A Bullet To Save His Baby Brother From Suicidal Psycho Who Murked Their Pregnant Mom Before Turning On The Babies

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Mark Glinton Miami murder suicide

Man cheats on wife. Man gets sidepiece pregnant. Man spazzes and kills pregnant sidepiece when she says he wants out, then turns the gun on four kids?

A brave 13-year-old boy took a bullet from a crazed gunman to protect his baby brother.

Quentin Jack used his body to shield two-year-old Kristian and is now paralysed from the waist down.

He threw himself in front of the toddler after Mark Glinton had gunned down his pregnant mother and shot his sister and another brother before killing himself.

Glinton, 37, went on the rampage after his girlfriend Evelina Jack, who was six weeks pregnant, accused him of having affairs.

As the fight escalated at their home in North Miami Beach, Glinton, a security guard, drew his gun and started shooting.

According to the children, he first gunned down Jack and then opened fire on them.

The eldest, Ashleigh, 14, was shot three times, but is in a stable condition. Quentin took a bullet in the back when he saved Kristian.

His nine-year-old brother Xavier was hit in the stomach and side.

He pretended to be dead and then despite his wounds ran to neighbours to raise the alarm after Glinton turned the gun on himself. His condition is critical.

Ashleigh is the only child who knows that her mother is dead after confronting Glinton moments after he gunned her down.

Detective Michael Stein of the Miami Beach Police Department said: ‘(She) went into the room and saw her mother had been shot and asked the offender, ” You know what you are doing?”

‘The offender said, “It has nothing to do with you. I love you guys it has to do with your mother “and then he shot her.’

Glinton was still married while living with Jack and his wife had called her to warn he was violent.

Police said he used to beat up her and the children and they saw him pull a gun on her several times.

SMH. That piece of sh*t is headed to his own personal circle of hell.


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