Studio Gangstas:10 Female Singers Who Can’t Sang!

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10 Females Who Can't Sing

That’s right. We said sang! There is a difference. Singing is what Rihanna does and sanging is how Jennifer Hudson, Mary J Blige and Fantasia get down.

More and more often, it seems like A&R’s are falling for a big butt (or breasts) and a smile and not listening to their own ears when it comes to mining for new talent.
Nowadays, a pretty face, big beats, and some back up dancers equal platinum plaques.

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  • Lady A

    I agree with most of the list except Keri Hilson can actuall sing. Rihanna can hold a tune, Keyshia is tone def which means she can only sing in one key. Listen to her songs nothing changes. She either sings in a softer tone or a louder tone but, it is all one key. Janet is just Janet! Gotta Love Her. And the rest is well paid eye candy. Why do you think their music careers are dying off.

    • Carribean Queen Hello

      They should have also included Beyonce…she cant sing OR SANG either.

  • ladyinblue

    It’s like they’re reading my effing mind!

  • ?

    Well now I see I am not the only one who has noticed that every singer on the list does not have very good vocals, with their No Talent azzes. None of these women have any type of stage presence at all they all copy from the more talented women singers. thi is waht music is reduced to burlesgue shows with bad vocals and dance moves that look like they have rigor mortis or something. LOL

  • Peppa

    Female Singers who can SAAAAAANG

    1 Whitney-What can I say, POWER HOUSE, Riffs for days, Soulful, sings like a bird, and can tell a story with her live performances, and the best stage presence of all.

    Mariah- Another power house, with her high octives, not really good with stage presence, but her vocals are dead on.

    Toni Braxton-Soulful crooner, with power, and a nice delivery on stage.

    Deborah Cox-Powerful sibnger, very commanding on stage with nice riffs as well. There are others, but those come to mind.

    • Jordana216

      that list is on point. MC doesn’t move alot on stage but her voice is so captivating, you don’t even need all that.

  • Monica

    Mary J Bleige can sing.. Ive been to a couple of her concerts.. beyonce can sing, she just doesnt have range, but she CAN sing..keri hilson can sing, just not good enough to be a great singer.. Fantasia is the best

    • ?

      Whether or not Fantasia is the best is one’ opinion. She is a good singer BUT! we all know why she practically goes unnoticed whenit comes to some radio play and TV appearances etc. She is not marketable as far as looks goes. Sad to say but that is the reality of the music biz.

    • VirgoJewel


      What are talking about- “Beyonce doesn’t have range”?

      She can sing anywhere from very deep alto (I believe the note is called B2) to very high soprano (C6 range).

      Check her music and live performances. They speak for themselves.

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Mary j.Can sang,i been to a couple of concerts also,and she puts on a good show,i feel her voice!

  • iBillz

    JUST SAY NO to that picture of Milli Vanilli… h*ll, I like(d) them, lip-syncing or not… but after seeing that pic… they got had.

  • what_am_iDoing



    You negroes don’t support talent. Yall like whom eva the guys are crazy for. Most of u was hatin Keri Hilson, then black men started wanting to bone the f_ck outta her, then yall show love. Who cares anyway black music is dead. Go to the bullet hole factory hood club to hear that ole booty music. I came to dance dance dance…
    Like Taio Cruz. Me and my white byches and rebones are wearing our favorite brands brands brands!!

    • QueenyBean

      wtf are u talking about?

  • WTF

    Mary J CANNOT sing period. Yell YES! You should have put Faith Evans in her place. And I don’t know if Keri can’t sing, I need to hear more from her first, but you are right about all the others. Rih is #1 though and the worst singer of all time!

  • wtfever

    Keyshia Cole has a unique voice and can sing, she may not have the uumph that Fantasia and Mjb do live, but her voice is amazing. Brandy has a beautiful voice as well.


    Everyone who can TALK can SING! Some are just better than others, like famous singers obviously. Keri Hilson has a very different beautiful tone to her voice she just doesn’t have powerhouse vocals. So what. Not everyone needs to sing like Fantasia in a church screaming and yelling a building down. Rihannas accent makes her sound good too but not live LOL. C-Milli isn’t that bad either. OFFKeyshia can’t sing well though. She must be tone deaf.

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Faith can sing,but not better than MJB!

    • Truth Teller

      I disagree with that all day long.Faith can sing,Mary is the one that can’t sing and she has remade just about everyone’s song.

  • Amerie

    More honorable mentions: even tho we share the same name, Amerie, also Alicia Keys, & Kat De luna.

  • New Mommy

    Mya can’t sing either.

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