Nicki Minaj Dubbed The “Queen Of Hip-Hop” By Rolling Stone [Flicks]

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Lil Kim may not agree, but the newly dubbed “Queen of Hip-Hop”, Nicki Minaj, has definitely stolen the hearts of Rolling Stone Magazine.

In the new spread featuring the Young Money Princess, Nicki opens up about her success in the industry and why being famous wasn’t her agenda behind making it in Hip-Hop.



  • nana

    In MY opinion she’s not the Queen of Hip hop, although she has a GREAT talent! That title is given BY THE PEOPLE!

  • ignoranceisbliss

    One album out…She ain’t no Queen

    Why they crowning these kids kings and queens before they put in some real work…

    top ten emcee..drake one album

    Come on give the people three albums at least then lets see

    • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

      Real talk!! Music is really down the crapper nowadays..SMDH!!..But the fact is that there are really no true/talented artists out there right now..well,the ones that have these qualities aren’t given a chance to shine or have very poor management..Sad but true.

    • aretheyserious?

      I can’t even get through 1 of her songs without getting frustrated cause there is simply NO SKILL to it..

      She’s just unique as far as her look and popular because of it, that is truly all.

      Queen? I think not.

    • E.C. from D.C.

      They are trying really hard to convince people to buy into her huh? lol

  • yomama

    she is the only female in the game; no competition is a default win
    im queen of my bedroom yo

    • New York City Dreams

      Wow. So pretty much Hip Hop in general, has gone to Hell.

    • cindy

      Lylie –You’re RIGHT



      Nicki Outfit showed Great btttt- Form for the Release Concert
      When the cakes are well-formed you see Nicki.

      Nicki is #1 in all shapes and forms for her particular talent. Nicki is Unique

      Nicki Love

      Nicki -the Precious Queen of all times

  • vanessa


    • Lylie

      Yesssssssssssssssssssss! Nicki is the future Queen of hip hop. Her album sales for week 1 are predicted to be close second to Kayne West whose predicted to sell over 500,000 copies. Nicki work ethics, business savy, open mindiness, creativity, 5 year goal plans and affiliations with Young Money are going to land Nicki at the top of the sales chart. You just wait and see. All hail the Queen of Hip Hop.

    • Sigh! Come On Yall!

      @ Lylie…The predictions about Nicki’s records sales were dead wrong…1st week out she sold <200K. Too much hype too fast leads a crapp azz no talented artist and a 6ft under album!!!!
      Lets gett it together yall. Minaj is NOT the new face of Hip Hop and she has not been in the industry long enough to RIGHTFULLY earn ANY awards or real Titles of distinction!!!

  • Charlie Brizown

    Here we go again…..

    • Charlie Brizown

      and agian

    • Charlie Brizown

      and agian………….

    • Charlie Brizown

      and again!!!!!!!!!!!!! :x

  • purple love

    Iguess Rolling stone

  • Charnita Fance

    Nooooooooooooo are you serious?? She does NOT even do hip hop……. she is more pop than anything else with her wack bubble gum rhymes. When will this madness end?????

  • What happened to HipHop?

    i like niki but i don’t think so as far as the queen of hip hop. maybe hip-POP.

  • MissPerfect

    Im about to move to Iran .. i cant believe that they would take it this far that title is so rude and disrespectful !


      Yo, STFU with that – “its so rude and disrespectful” bull. Ain’t nobody OWN hip hop! Get a fuqin’ grip and get rid of that hoodrat mentality. There’s room for everybody.

    • blackfriday babeh

      w/e hannibal but use ur brain for once and most people know whats up the title Queen are for artist that do work hard only thing nicki is doing acting all the way to the bank and u dont even see it only thing u see is azz and thats talent enouf u want to see in a rapper lol but shes queen by default in the days when kim was running she had competition and nicki does have no1 walking in her way thats why she seems diffrent because there arent any activ fem rappers outthere to compare her with so why dont u stfu and listen with ur ears and not with ur pickle sized D%%%

  • sowhat

    lol what does rolling stones know about rap? you saw what happened when murder inc tried to crown ashanti princess of r&b? she fell off and aint been back. lol titles are serious ask arethea when beyonce slipped

  • SCarter

    If this chick is the queen of Hip-Hop, then Hip-Hop is truly officially DEAD!!

    • Big Dog

      Yes if nicki is the queen of hip hop then yes the hell it is dead

  • moon

    Nicki doing her thing but there is no other female rapper with buzz and AND an album out. Lady MC’s need to stop beefing like the dudes cuz there is room for them All if given a fair shot. Respect to Rah Digga, MC Lyte, Bahamadia and Jean Grae!

  • Vernita Green

    It’s not IF she ever falls, it’s WHEN she falls. Queen of hip-hop my a$$.

  • prissa

    How is she the Queen on anything this early in her career? Besides, I thought Mary J Blige was the Queen of hip hop. What is Mary then?

    • shake em

      Mary is R&B with a touch of hip hop

    • VirgoJewel

      I think Mary was dubbed the Queen of RnB Soul.

    • BS2010

      Mary is the Queen of “HIP-HOP SOUL”

  • lovwfwefw

    FARRRRRRRRR from Queen?? Did ya NOT hear her leaked album???

    ughh, Nicki is so forced -_-

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