Nipplegate: Lil Kim’s Areolas Come Out For Some “Black Friday” Fun

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lil kim nipple slip

Poor Lil Kim. Aside from all her frustration regarding Nicki Minaj “taking her spot in the world of Hip Hop”, she was spotted kickin it this weekend with her tig ole bitties on FULL Blast and her backs getting some strokey-doke action…

lil kim nipple slip

“A*s and t*tties, a*s and t*tties”….Looks like she’s on some straight hood ish…for real!!!

Lil Kim Nip Slip


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  • itsPinkFridayHoe

    Lol she just wants attention… NICKI MINAJ is where its at these days…. next

  • MissPerfect

    Lil kim looks like a old washed up tranny now if she would have took it easy on the M.J surgeries she wouldve had been as cute as she wanted have been!

  • Fab.



    ahhh…the scent of desperation. smh😦

  • tatah

    do y’all get paid to e thugg…just curiuos if so …pls post the link….

    • HeartBreak

      Its gossip. Is it only e-thuggin when it concerns a celebrity you like?

  • purple love

    Eww small boobie ladies get ya boob jobs N nyc and beverly hills this the result of a botched mexican t!t job

  • Ejay

    I like her Tittays!!

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    That Herve Leger dress & them hoop earrings are that bizness! lol

    • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

      Btw,I could’ve sworn Lil Kim’s boobs were way bigger than this? W/e happened to her implants? she took them out or what? lol

  • B Henny

    Dont dude look like Melo when you first glance at it? LOL…..

  • HeartBreak

    Okay….. and people jump on Nicki Minaj like she is the antichrist of the music world but turn around and rep Kim when she looks like THAT? And has looked like THAT in public on purpose on several occasions.

    I don’t get it.

  • ManchesterUKer

    There’s no way she didn’t notice. Desperate.

  • rich

    the only people who like nikki are lames, lame kids and homos!

    • Fab.


  • Gigglegal215

    All how I look at her she STILL looks like a low budget Shar Jackson>

  • Entoon

    how was she suppose to know when she can’t even feel with them?

  • Ariona Taylor

    @Entoon “How was she suppose to know when she can’t even feel them?” HILARIOUS!!!!!!!

  • #1PlayerHater-B-Cause-Most-Players-have-gay-tendencies

    Let’s get a show of hands of anyone interested in cleaning up after Big Papa?

    If you have served time I have already counted you.

  • kitty

    Also @ ‘STARLIGHT’ you sound so dumb and stoooopid lol I can’t believe you typed that shit!

  • jadeylisious


  • Xclusive

    Ugh…she looks like Alvin the f*ckin ChipMunk with fake titts…anyhow go get Pink Friday…..lmao

  • miss c

    am i the only one who notice that claw on old dude’s hand touching her butt?

  • Astar

    Dont hate…. Kim is still the bizzness……Nicki is weak as hell…..she for the little kidz

  • Astar

    Dont hate…..Kim is still tight….Nicki is weak & she dont be talking about syhte…..

  • Xclusive

    Monkey with a Wig…Lmao…

  • captn cornball


  • captn cornball

    I see a Confederate Gangbang on DVD , in Lil Kims future.

    Some people just dont know when their 15 are up.

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