*BOSSIP Exclusive* Did They Or Didn’t They??? Evelyn Lozada Addresses Secret Ochocinco Wedding

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Evelyn Lozada

The internet has been buzzing since last night that your favorite Celebreality couple Evelyn Lozada & Chad OchoCinco may have done the unthinkable and secretly gotten married.

The rumors were sparked by an innocent enough picture of Chad and soccer football adonis David Beckham… notice Chad’s left hand.

Those of you who expected a full theatrical production from this match made in VH1 heaven can rest easy: Evelyn Lozada has confirmed to Bossip exclusively that she and Chad did not elope.

Evelyn also took the time to clarify earlier reports that she had compared her relationship with her boo thang to that of Hip-Hop’s reigning duo, Jay-Z and Beyonce:

I never, ever, said me and Chad were like Jay & Beyonce! Would never in a million years say some craziness like that….LOL! What I did say was “They are very private and I respect & love how they handle their relationship” That’s all I said. So crazy & sad how things are turned around.

We’re getting the feeling from our little chat with Evelyn that these two might be the real deal…


  • nana

    I don’t like this girl 4 some reason! She seems arrogant and b!tchy! Nobody wants chad anyway, she can have him

    • Ridiculous 1

      Even if they are married they will divorce in 5…4…3…2

    • xhia

      Uhhmmm yeah! Good luck with that.

    • ssquared

      Shhhiiiittttt…I want him!

    • ssquared

      Shooootttt! I want him!

    • anracxc cc

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  • Pooperscooper

    Last weekend they were showing a marathon of basketball wives. I had not seen the show before so I decided to give it a shot. Besides it being completely ridiculous i thread through it. Anyways in one of the episodes Evelyn said she would never ever date another athlete. “No more basketball players, no football players” her words exactly. Anyways good luck to them

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    I love me some Chad but I smell a publicity stunt…smh

    • slimsangel

      exactly bunny i agree w/u 100%

  • Psunny

    Chad is ugly but I guess love is blind..

    • ssquared

      Girl, that man is not ugly! Maybe, I’m the only one that will dispute that, but that man is fine as hell to me!

  • MissPerfect.a.k.a allergic to coonery

    why does anyone care?

  • Rose

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    good for chad

  • janeka

    his own words child please!!!!

  • Vonselle'

    the question is who really cares its not like she isnt marrying something many women have already had and vice versa, sounds like a match made in heaven, Hell he bought his dance instructor a ring also, she was smart enough not to fall for the hype, and had she never been the result of a failed basketball wife marriage no one would even know her dam name, what is it again?:)

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  • Coons

    Bitter Black Men stay hatin on this site!

  • GiGi

    Here comes the bitter black ni66as in 4,3,2…

  • Amber

    I love ocho… I knew he would marry her. That show was such bullsh*t. But I still love him. Well now she’ll REALLY be a BASKETBALL WIFE NOW!

    • Bri

      Actually, she’d be a Football wife.

  • dptricecity

    Its a contract marriage. Plus, she can get more VH1 money if they do a reality show. She can also go to either VH1 wives show. (Shaunie produces both of them)

    Remember Antoine left Evelyn w/bills! She loves the spotlight, so does Chad.

    So stay tuned for Chad & Eve spring 2011 followed by T.O show! LOL

  • wtfever

    God bless Chad he is royally screwing himself.

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