Lisa Raye’s Daughter Models For Nelly’s Apple Bottoms

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Lisa Raye's Daughter Models for Apple Bottoms

Lisa Raye’s daughter Kai Morae has become one of the newest faces of Nelly’s Apple Bottom clothing line.

The Black and Japanese plus size model was shot by famed celebrity photographer Derek Blanks alongside her mother who watched from the sidelines.

Check out Morae’s final pictures which will be part of a Macy’s ad campaign at Hip Hop Wired.


  • S.a.s.s.y 24

    So people are still wearing apple bottom I see.

    • Shanlyn

      LMFAO #iDied #Flatline________

    • NELLY


  • Shanlyn

    wait….. so LisaRaye baby daddy is japanese…. HUhhh??!

    • MyReason

      LMFAO!!!! I was thinking the same thing!!

    • thominonose

      He’s half black and half Japaneese!

  • Mo Money, Mo Money!

    Good for Nelly! Looks like he’s hoping to appeal to all the young ladies – not just the skinny ones. Its nice to see her representin’.

    • durrr

      yep, have to include the obese, out of shape, lazy cows too.

  • Lawd da Mercy

    Some of you must not have nurturing mothers. I can’t find anything wrong with her kissing her daughter.
    Kai needs to hit the gym,
    she is looking quite flabby armed.The dress isn’t bad though.
    Typically what I have seen in the past, Apple Bottom looks like something out of a St.Louis flee market.

  • jj

    Pretty girl
    I knew she was prolly mixed but who woulda thought Lisa had a baby with a Japanese man

  • Daezmommy

    I saw dude on the show he was NOT 100 % japanese maybe half japanese and half blk. Cuz he was lisa rayes color.

  • south-central

    This hoe had a baby with a budda-head.


    i got a feeling lisaraye gonna get all ‘danielle staub from the RHoNJ’ on this one.

    let your daughter shine ma…alone.

    you’ve had your a*s…oops, i mean…day in the sun. lol :-)

  • MissAJ

    I think she look beautiful! Everybody’s not gonna be a size 2!!! As long as your Healthy that’s all that matters

  • Keep it Real

    She’s an attractive overweight young woman. I’ve never seen an overweight and/or fat woman who wouldn’t look better if she didn’t loose 20, 50 or 100 pounds.

  • Toy

    I think Kai is a really pretty girl. Hatin on her size is wrong people are meant to be different and Nelly always reppin for the thick girls! They go up to a size 24. He gotta thicky thick girl on his arms. We thicky thicky thicky thick! H3 came up with that ish.

  • britchick91

    Shes pretty and has a nice name

  • Mikoto Issayamoto

    Black + Japanese? Her daddy is a two bit negro hustler.

  • mixed bad chick

    She is cute and I’m not trying to be mean by saying she needs to lose weight but she does. She has gained quite a bit of weight since the show taped. I luv her on the show tho. Her and Lisa have a great mother daughter bond. It’s so cute how Lisa kisses on her like her baby still.

    • Mama Mila

      THANK YOU!!! Agreed!!!!!!

  • tifah

    yes y wud she kiss her on the lips an apple bottom is so corney

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