Love Don’t Live Here Anymore: Dirty Dog Tony And Scorned Eva Reunite For Lunch

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Eva Longoria Tony Parker Lunch

Tony Parker and his sexting self joined scorned ex Eva Longoria for a bite to eat and a heated conversation:

Tony Parker and Eva Longoria reunited for a lunch date in L.A. on Wednesday — two weeks after she filed to divorce him in Cali … which was followed by Tony’s own filing in Texas. Awwwwkward. They met on neutral ground … at a hotel in Santa Monica. Tony was in town because his San Antonio Spurs played the Clippers last night — but based on Eva’s gestures and Tony’s expressions … we’re guessing there was little hoops strategy discussed.

No lawyers were present to split the bill.

SMH. Judging from the pics, Eva didn’t have nothing nice to say either…



  • babysis

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  • shut the fu*ck up bit*ches!!



    she is saying,”look, I want 10 mil cash and the house in LA”, SEE YA BYE!

  • Bdot

    Tony to Eva: “Baby, I was just joking when I told her you can’t fuk..”



  • Keep it Real

    Why would a woman have lunch with a man she’s filed to divorce? She wants to get back together. He’s going up the hill, she’s on the other side going down. Translation: He can do better she can’t.

    • Symone

      Did you ever think that maybe he wants to patch things up with her? Just sayin’…

    • StarLight


      Thank you!

    • Sha

      Maybe because he filed too, she knows it’s not going to be cut and dry now and maybe they are working out a deal….

    • LOL

      @Keep It Real

      Tony is NOT cute- like NOT AT ALL. And I’ve seen exactly what Eva looks like without makeup. In my book they’re EVEN STEVEN looks wise.


    I wouldn’t go anywhere NEAR Eva after she filed for spousal support. She signed a prenupt. She just seems like a scheming tramp to me.

    Once lawyers get involved, there is NOTHING to talk about–say it to my attorney.

    • S.a.s.s.y24

      And you know this how ms bitter

    • bishop

      I agree! Once lawyers get involved, your true intentions came to ligth – which was to divorce the man and try to take his money. Now that Tony filed, things are looking up for him in court. Now this beyotch wants to have lunch!! Totally agree, talk to my lawyer!!!

  • jerzi

    There still into eachother. Won’t be surprised if the divorce is called off!!!

  • thesaneone

    i see just like any other situation, everyone will blame the woman regardless of what HE DID. just like rihanna is the crazy h-o right? u guys disguist me.


    No male bashing here. There’s his side, her side and the truth. You don’t sit down for lunch when you have no feelings, they want to work it out. Hopefully, they keep people OUT of their business and if they want to get back together fine, if not move on. It’s not that hard of a decision.

    • Symone

      @Toomuch, I agree!!

  • Entoon

    Well he is STILL her husband so there’s no scandal here! she can’t just turn off her feelings like a light switch! I wouldn’t be surprised if they called it all off. Did they even try to make ammends b4 all this bull??? Or did she just get so mad and file for divorce? this is the problem with marriages! People don’t really turn into something else when the ring goes on! They have to work at changing to who they need to be without their spouse policing them!

  • if anything be noble

    These hotels and places have private dining rooms. They must want to be seen together.

    • Fan of the BE-BE Store

      HIGH FIVE ON THAT ! Yeah these celebs want to be seen. Starving for attention. I think she does.

    • Sha

      you have a point

  • jdmann

    Looks like Tone is saying ‘ You know how I like it. You could have done the kegels and avoided all this. But noooo you let it get loose so deuces baby au revoir.

  • Torres

    lol, does anyone realize tony wasnt paying attention?…he was probably bootay spying some 18yr chick out the door.


    Hope they work it out.

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