Stupid Fruity Swag Gospel Singer Tonex Shows Up And Out In New York’s “MEAT PACKING DISTRICT”

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Either the Holy Ghost made an appearance through Gospel Singer Tonex or this dude felt the spirit of Willow Smith and started whipping his hair back & forth. Tonex has been through so much in just dealing with life but what would posses him to cut the fool in his UGG boots has us a little bit speechless.

Here’s What Happened: “A friend and I decided to step out to club Splash in New York’s Meatpacking District (no pun intended). After walking around what was the most boring club I’ve ever been to we heard some queen screaming. Thinking it was a drag show we walked over to that area.

After arriving where the stage was I could see this black sweaty thing in UGG Boots flipping his/her hair clip side to side. When I got to the stage and listened even closer I realized it was Gospel Singer Tonex! As I sat there he danced around as if he was on some type of drug, sweating all over the place.

He jumped off the stage and began doing shablams! For those who don’t know what that is its when a gay boy makes certain movements and then falls to the floor to what’s usually a techno beat… Tonex ended singing Janet Jackson’s ‘Feedback’ and screaming at the top of his prayer filled lungs and by laying on his back and kicking his feet in the air. I just hope he’s not on drugs.”

In case you’re not familiar with Gospel Singer Tonex, take at this very talented individual. Very different from the mess above:

Update: According to one of our readers, all of the suspect foolishness Tonex was seen doing in NYC was for show.

Tonex has re-introduced himself to the world as his alter ego and now goes by the name of ‘Brian Slade’ or ‘B.Slade’ for short. His new persona is inspired by a fictional rock star like character.

Anyhow, this new persona is explanation for why he SEEMED to be “high, on drugs” as the uninformed person wrote in to you all. He was/is not. That is his way of performing.

Okay. Sure. That makes it better. *side eye*



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