That ‘Digital Death’ Fundraising Stunt Isn’t Working Out So Well…

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Alicia Keys Swizz Beatz digital death

When the good folks at Keep A Child Alive thought up their Digital Death campaign, they probably figured that between Alicia Keys’s 2.2 million followers and Kimmy Cakes’s 5.4 million alone, it would take absolutely no time to raise $1 million.

So far, they’ve raised a whopping… Keep A Child Alive

Yup: $183,088. And most of that – $160,000 to be exact – was raised on World AIDS Day. At this rate, it’s gonna take 40 days to get to a milli.

Maybe they should’ve put a little more thought into this plan: announced it more than two days before World AIDS Day maybe? Or not used people like Justin Timberlake, who only tweeted all of four times in the entire month of November, including his announcement about his “Digital Death.”


  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    ummmmmmmmmmmm ok

  • http://bossip nison

    or maybe they should have used celebs we actually care about AKeys, Swizz Beats, Serena, Kim K…really? I would say these are people you wouldn’t mind if they stayed out of site for a while. The only one I do like is Serena and she ain’t on my time line & neither are the rest of them so why would I care. We need and will enjoy a break from them !My time line is popping and it has nothing to do with them !

    • http://bossip nison


    • Robert

      Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake were used, too. I guess nobody don’t give a damn about them either.

    • shannon

      MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY! Rest in Peace ya’ll!

    • http://bossip nison

      “Rest in peace yall” lmao, you know you was wrong for that !

  • allthatglitters

    Maybe they should have givem it more thought. I appreciate the cause and would have given to the cause if they hyped it up because it is in my heart to give. But I will not be “coerced” to give. You aren’t going to take something “away” from me to make me give. WE are their fans. We made them what they are. So I resent them “depriving” us to coerce support for a cause no matter what it is. Yes, I gave but not because I NEEDED them to “come back to life”. Matter of fact, they can stay gone. I deleted anyone who did it.

    • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)


    • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

      I fail to see the problem here since it’s only been but a couple of days,literally so they’re on the right track & will reach their goal in no time so please!

    • HILL

      so true!

  • such and such

    I comend her for trying to raise money for a cause, but wouldn’t it have been more realistic to find 40 celebs to donate a mill or 80 to donate half a mill? They’re making the kind of money that some of us regular folk will never see. Instead of buying life just donate to save a life. That sounds simple now doesn’t it?

    • Matix B

      Just read your comment after I posted mine doesn’t this idea seem so simple like WTF?

    • RMEs

      The 1st rule of being rich is NEVER use your own money. They know people making $12 an hour will give their money so why should they give theirs? A Keys knows it’s beter to save her money for yachts and private jets.

  • Matix B

    Why don’t these rich celebrities just donate the whole 0ne million by themselves? They only need ten people to donate 100 grand and bam there’s your faqing goal. Am I the only one wondering why they just can’t band together and donate the gwap? Like WTF times is hard on the boulevard.

    • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

      lol I totally agree!

    • such and such

      Yeah that’s basically what I wrote. You get the idea.

    • maneaters101

      I’ve been wondering the same thing myself..even if everyone only donated $25K, they’d reach their goal in no time with all of the celebs that there are. But no, they have the audacity to ask the common folk to spend what little bit of change we have, while they drop thousands of dollars on vacations and overpriced purses. smh..What is wrong with this society?

    • Pooperscooper

      I agree with you, first they introduced this too late, second, they had a terrible marketing plan. “Buy my digital life back?”WTF, most people were prolly like oh you dead? oh ok. I’ll just follow someone who isn’t dead. SMH plus there has to be a minimum of ten dollars? That’s just stupid. People don’t have that kind of money to spend on some celebrity that has every thing they would ever need. Kim K. has 5.4 million followers. She should have asked each of her followers to donate $1. And she should have said that for every person who donates she will follow them on Twitter.. that’s a better marketing plan, because I know how excited people would be for a celebrity to follow them. Ya know?

    • Allie

      Agreed, especially with pooperscooper

  • HILL

    i think people are happy the kartrashian ho isnt tweeting and facebooking for a while.

    • dj


  • NawYo

    It’s failing because it’s tasteless.

    • tiny

      I agree, too morbid for me.

  • notsomuch

    I can see Mashonda’s side eye from here.

  • Lisa

    Maybe if they didn’t make AIDS out to be glamorous they would’ve had more donations or maybe if the donation require wasn’t so high (minimum of $10).

  • Always Cool

    This is the problem with this digital death, none of those people follow there fans. The people that were chosen have been gored by the media and that doesn’t mean they are likeable or relateable. It baffles me how they could have had a fundraiser with her industry friends and raised the money. But the biggest thing is to really raise awarness to all. I commend her efforts, but people don’t support people that don’t follow back, unrelateable.

  • anyways!!!

    This is definitely a good look.

  • All that glitters...

    It is such a worthwhile cause. They could have made MUCH more money because the public IS sympathetic and sensitive to the issue. They should have resorted to the old fashioned way – begging – like Sally Struthers and Jerry Lewis and thousands before them. What do they do? They take their “perceived greatness” away and make peopke buy it back. It is a mistake to mix a cause that is worthy and could have stood on its own with THEM and their flawed realities. THEY took away from what could have been a really great thing. People may want to give but don’t want to be a part of “buying them back” – maybe they will get a better grip of what they are REALLY worth to us now. Just because you are well-known doesn’t mean folks love you.

    • Nihala

      So true! It’s like they’re telling their fans, “I’m great and I know you think I am, so buy me back because you can’t live without me.” Instead of dying a digital death, they should have used the digital media to support the cause and promote it for the month by tweeting, or like other people have commented above, got their (rich) friends to donate their money to the cause by having a gala/fundraiser/auction.

  • Allison Mae

    After a week these celebrities will “secretly” donate the money theirselves….they would really DIE without the self promo hoeing they do…But definitely a great cause nonetheless.

  • Matix B

    Also maybe people would be more willing to donate is A keys actually stayed the faq off twitter like promised but alas, she only lasted one day. SMH

    • Mock Rock Star

      Now u know u can’t trust her

  • Gstands4

    I agree that with the comments that these rich celebrities should have donated the money. It’s hard out here for a regular Joe. Also using Alicia and Swizz after all that drama was a mistake. Alicia never addressed the situation to her fans and now she wants her fans to respond to her??? Who does she think she is Angelina Jolie???

    • Mock Rock Star

      Yea Angelina and Brad come out of their own pockets quite often. They probably could buy Alicia and Swizz Beaks

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