Family Feud: Was Drake Slicing Shanell’s Cakes While Weezy Was Locked Down???

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There has been a lot of speculation about whether or not Lil Wayne caught fade with his Canadian counterpart Drake a few weeks back. Initially, the word was that some beef over royalities and insubordination was the cause of the fracas, but now the word on the streets is….

Remember the drama that took place right after Wayne was released from prison, and he punched Drake in the face? I think I know what caused the rift between them…

Sources are saying that when Wayne was locked up Drake started sleeping with Shanell, who is one of Wayne’s girls. (OUCH!!)

Now everyone knows that’s Wayne’s girl. [Lil Wayne] is not jealous over her or anything, but he thinks that was just disrespectful.

Seems like Young Money is just one big sexually frustrated, tense, clusterfawk after another. Is Nicki Minaj gay, bi, or straight? Did she fawk Drake, Wanye, BOTH? Wayne and Baby kiss on the mouth (WTF??), Did they all pay to chop down Kat Stacks?? Jeez…just have an orgy, tape it, and sell it already…



  • Angel

    First!!! What the What?!?

  • daisy jay


  • daisy jay

    Is it just me or does Shanell remind you guys of those matador/rodeo bulls with the huge gold nose rings??

    Drake probably had a red cape at the moment…

    • Pisces82

      *falls thee fugg out*

    • daisy jay


    • jazzie

      <—- I JUST DIED… LMFAO!!!

  • Matix B

    When the faq did Wayne punch out Drake? Please some one spill the tea for me!

    • tommykimon

      I read this two weeks ago on Meidafakeout and didn’t believe it then and still don’t. They are also running this story too.

  • purple love

    I thought it was bros b4 hos?

  • Gregory

    looooooooll lmao i specialy love the last sentence

  • Y

    This story is FAKE!!!!!!!!!!



  • maria

    Shanell looks just exactly like Toya to me.

  • Toy

    TOYA IS SHITN ON SHANELL! Shanell wish she cud look like Toya.

    • broken_halo

      You ain’t LYING! LOL! And that nosechain is NOT cute! WTH!!!

  • juliemango

    I dont believe lil wayne would punch drake over that girl!!!


    Look at it on the bright side weezy, he didn’t f baby!!!

  • Nicki

    Lil Kim said it best. “f-ck ya whole team, all I see is a bunch of weirdo’s.” LMAO

    • jazzie


  • Creole Queen

    wow who cares there lil team ant gone last

  • Please

    Im laughing at these fools because. With as many women you see Wayne with. With as many baby’s momma’s this mofo got.

    How can he try to say anyone of these chics is his girl? Real Talk If anything he better be more concerned with all those pictures I see of him smoking weed while on probation.

    Ask TI, they aint playing…

    • *Casanovette*


      I just hadda comment cus we all know Tip was still usin drugs but he denies that in his new “get my fans back” song with Chris Brown. That really grinds my gears….DONT LIE NI99A!

      That makes me question everything about him, how real is he really?

    • QueenyBean

      lmmfao@grinds my gears!!!!

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