Entrepreneur Profile: “Cocoa Babies” Founder Channels Positivity Via Fashion

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"Cocoa Babies"

Nia Tillett-McAdoo was the associate director of student activities at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte when she was walking through the mall one day and read a young girl’s T-shirt. Like many graphic tees with images and sayings, it was a typical sight, except the T-shirt read “Idaho. No, you da ho.” For Tillett-McAdoo that was the last straw. She was fed up reading T-shirts worn by young girls that did nothing to empower these budding women and that, in many cases, exploited them.

Out of her frustration came Cocoa Babies, a home-based T-shirt and “onesies” business that the Buffalo, New York native launched in 2005 and is now a full-time gig for this education graduate. “I started it because I would see young ladies in shirts that were inappropriate or sexually suggestive,” she said. “I took a trip to the mall to see what was out there that was cute and positive, but there was nothing catering to children of color.”

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  • juliemango

    Great success story!!!

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  • Amtul

    I love the idea and the purpose behind it:-)

  • Worker Bee

    This is so inspiring. I hope her business stays on the right path and is very successful. Thanks for this story!

    4 in the McAdooooooooooooooooo

  • Mari

    I agree..this is very inspiring and this baby wearing the t-shirt is just toooooooo cute.

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