Transformed: 10 Celebrities That Went From Wholesome To Hoe-y

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Keri Hilson Hoe-y

Hoes are taking over the world. Either beat them or join them. It seems as though a few celebrities out there have chosen to join the ranks of hoe-dom after their not-so-hoelike actions didn’t get them the attention they wanted. Or, maybe they were just hoes from the start and were tired of pretending.

The world will never know.


  • ThaManagement

    hahahahahaha!! Hoes are taking over in the black community. I guess since black people love money so much, and are willing to sell their bodies to make that money, we should ALL become hoes and pimps.

    Give ya under-achieveing children a goal they can REALLY work towards!

    Hide ya kids, hide ya wife’s!

    Your Welcome,

    • DollBaby1o1


      I’m hungee.

    • Rose

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    • LOL

      Learn how to correctly use grammar Management. It’s not “your” it’s “you’re”

    • tinkerbella

      @ lol smh sorry but not every person that comes here is from america u know, aslong something is understandable is useable so stop gooning around and critic other people language or just go teach english in school its that easy :)

    • ShyShy

      How sad. “Black Community”. By the way it is pronounced “wives” not wife’s with the way you phrase it. Go back to school before you judge someone By the way I just graduated with a paralegal degree and I’m black. Get a clue.

    • MrsMom

      I’ll go with they were hoes from the start.

    • miamac

      You are funny.

      But it sounds like you still need to be SAVED! If you’ve ever visited an over-the-top church where the footstomping sideshow of the gays sometimes outshine the sermon, then you’ll enjoy this FREE online preview of SAVED. Laugh, cry and shout!!

    • LorenzoLf/KCMOnoAliasAliens

      I’s eitha one of two things, they got money and started bein themselves, no longer having to impress anyone. Or dey jus fakin it ta make it! like yal said, if u cant beat em…

    • mahogany

      Soooo I’m guessing you misses all the white hoes on the list!!!!

    • ...ANDnothingBUTtheTRUTH

      LMAO @ that Antoine Dodson ish. But what you said I am gonna co-sign.

    • cellie

      Great article, and so true, some women in the music industry will do anything for money and attention, they all need Jesus.

    • Salvation

      there are hoes in alllll of the communities black or not you bastard

  • nymphis

    Hoins The Best thing goin
    These hoes givin a new meaning to cap & trade

    • kalifa

      they forgot mariah carey…lol

      times like these i wish i was famous enough to smash drake …. :(

    • maru-chan


      I’m dead @ that shid every time LOL

  • Vandellish

    Just as long as we never see Esperanza Spalding in this column then all is good with the world.
    Onward hoes! Good luck finding your faith in your true talents.

  • Nope, you're not serving my soul what it needs to be served

    Where the f is beyonce. Yall know damn well she need to be on here too.

    • Kyra

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  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)


  • simplykay

    Uh…no Beyonce?! GTFOH!

  • DeE

    Yup…..talented or not, they know good and well that Beyonce belongs on that wall of “fame” or “shame, depending on your inclination, talent aside, just as much as alladem others. If ya gonna put Drake and Badu, then ya really should have honey B up there

    • Whatev

      I agree; Beyonce should be front and center. Christina Aguilera and Erykah are talented and they made the list.

  • RMEs

    Now that is funny what y.all said about all the rappers being in Erykah’s nether parts. LOL!! And I say she is a hoe. Any woman that has 3 babies by 3 different men gets that label from me whether they by rappers or not. Just eww.

  • Luscious

    This list was on point and rather comical, I might add. Everybody on it certainly seems to deserve their spot. Though, I kind of hated to see Hilson make that list, even though her entry is totally legit. The comment about Erykah was hilarious, too. Maybe she’s trying to create her own community inside her own house.

    Can’t you see her talking all cosmicly and so ‘out there’ that you might think she actually made you believe she was making sense?

  • nymphis


  • Try it Then

    yeah there are some missing

  • thesaneone

    ummm…where is beyonce?!?!

  • suchandsuch

    Daaaamn! That’s cold

  • Imari

    Y’all forgot Beyonce, why is it that this broad could do no wrong!!???!

  • tommykimon

    Yaw forgot Beyonce and Mariah Carey she was super wholesome and then got away from her husband and went crazy.

    • semausmom

      Oh! You are right. I forgot about Mariah!!!

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