Forgiveness??? FORGIVENESS??? Dr. William Petit Jr. Tells Oprah ‘Hell Naw!!!’

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Dr. William Petit Jr. has experienced things in his life that would make even the hardest of thugs shed a tear. In July 2007 Petit’s home was invaded, he was knocked unconscious, his daughters raped, his wife strangled, house burned, and ultimately his daughters died from smoke inhalation as they we tied to their beds. Thursday, Petit will appear on Oprah to discuss life after the terrifying ordeal.

Dr. Petit said, “You can forgive somebody who stole your car. You can forgive somebody who slapped you in the face. You can forgive somebody who insulted you. You can forgive somebody who caused an accident. I think forgiving the essence of evil is not appropriate.”

When speaking of the traumatic affects of the event Petit says:

For months afterward, he had trouble sleeping. “I was completely, completely fried,” he tells Winfrey. “I walked around in a daze. And just intrusive thoughts banging into your brain every second. Every minute. You know, replaying events over and over and over and over again in your mind.”

This is sick and deranged world we live in nowadays and although we can’t begin to imagine how Dr. Petit feels, even three years later, this is a story that makes one sad for his loss. Clearly Antoine Dodson had the right idea when he famously quipped “hide ya kids, hide ya wife” because these muhfuggas out here are crazy!


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