For Discussion: Is The Baby Baller In Brooklyn Bad Business For Black Folks??

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In a borough already known for its high racial tension over the years, a new excuse reason for black people to be pissed off.

CNN recently reported that artist Jamie Hef created a mural for the front of a local pawn shop. A baby (pictured above) was painted with a gold crown, surrounded by piles of money, jewels and a gaudy medallion around his neck. The owner also seemed to make an attempt dress up the business and changed the name of the shop from Community Pawn Brokers to Crow Hill Jewelry. But he might have missed the mark when he commissioned the artist to create a mural to greet people this way. Many blacks in the neighborhood were already disappointed by the presence of a pawn shop and have been working to gain landmark status for many of the buildings. They view the mural to be less of a work-of-art and more of an offense because it perpetuates stereotypes.

Is this mural something to be angry about? Do black people spend too much time being angry about meaningless issues?



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