Soulja Boy Has 2.5 Million Twitter Followers And Only 13,000 Went Out An Bought His Album… SMH!

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Soulja Boy Gay and Sells 13K first Week

Dayyummm Soulja Boy… we could have sworn everybody was feeling your “Pretty Boy Swag” joint! Guess not enough to get down with a whole album “The Deandre Way” movement. Exactly, how does something like this happen???

With an artist as big as Soulja Boy, what exactly needs to be done in order for his fans to translate their love for the artist into album sales?

If you take a look at an artist like Nicki Minaj, who sold over 200k for the first week and a little over a 100k for the second week. Then take a trip over to Kanye West, who sold about 500k and just a little bit over 100k himself for the 2nd week… we know the issue is not that fans aren’t buying music.

So who do we blame for such a big flop: the artist or the label???

Do you think all of his fans bootlegged his CD or is Soulja Boy’s music a fad???

Soulja Boy is not really worrying about album sales right now. He’s probably trying to figure out how to get back with Kat Stacks so he can certify his manhood with her dirty draws.


  • nymphis


    His career is

    • DollBaby1o1

      He should have named this album “Toxin City”

      because that’s the only reason his brain has been hacked and his career is failing


      *sad violin playing*

    • E.C. from D.C.

      Followers don’t mean they all like you! lol

    • Jo-Jo

      Duh! I follow ppl on twitter because I’m nosey and want to see what they say. If celebrities really think that their twitter followers are their fans, they have rude awakening coming their way.

  • Say What

    It’s sad. I heard (NOT SURE HOW TRUE IT IS) that Soulja Boy dropped out of school in the 10th grade. Where is his family to set is behind straight! He got too much too fast and it went to his head. JUST SAD.I hope this music thing works out for him because without an education what does he have to fall back on?

    • her?yeahher

      that wouldnt have helped . unfortunately that boy’s whole thinking is warped/. I heard him say in am interview that his mom has a college degree and was still struggling,while he was 16 with a million dollars and a rap career so she couldn’t tell him nothing…. unfortunately for some people whoever makes the most money – runs the house. In their case it was 16 year old in charge

  • Bigdog

    Paper Gangster! Played out Wankster!
    See me at and

  • incandescent

    SMH @ the 13,000 who actually went out n bought the album…what a bunch of lames!!!

  • Toy

    Those sales was the parents buying the clean version for their kids for Christmas

  • sara

    he sure is one ugly looking character

  • sara

    “Do you think all of his fans bootlegged his CD or is Soulja Boy’s music a fad??

    no mam
    thats too much effort

  • triwa

    Womp womp and he’s talking trash on people like Nas and Lupe Fiasco who can actually rap. Nas and Lupe they have a very strong supportive fan base they’re in the door all the way and this freaking UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU dunt dunt dunt cant even sale Half a million dollars talking trash.

  • flin

    he can’t rap.

  • momo

    Yes. He is lame. Yes he needs an education. But wasn’t he on this past forbes list? Where is he getting the money? He must partake in other indevors besides music…

  • -

    He can’t rap

  • wtfever

    Yes, it was bootlegged. He alos may need to look at his management team, singles were released earlier than I think should have been. I will say that regardless I wish any young black man making millions legally much success.

  • wtfever

    Also, a “follower” doesnt equate to an actual dedicated fan. Alot of them are kids, alot of them are haters. Either way, God Bless Souljas Heart

  • E$

    either they bootlegged or most of his followers are spam/fake

  • quibble

    I listened to the album. Its bad, imo. The number of lame songs outnumber the good songs. His lack of lyrical skills is surprisingly vivid on this album :(

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