RL From NEXT Explains Suspect Naked Photo And Why Black Men Run From Relationships [Video]

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  • iWinYouLOSE


    • iWinYouLOSE

      second…oh well

  • nywoman23

    i thought that bottom pic was teddy riley. are they related by any chance


      Damn, I was just about to type that sh*t. Thwarted again! LOL.

  • nywoman23

    well lets be honest 90-95% of men are h.o.mos. especially in the industry of all kinds. the only one that wasnt 1 was tupac, that i know of for a fact.

    • Positive 32

      How would you know that?

    • theblackCanadian

      what??? The same negro with a nose ring

  • Peppa

    I hate when people say a certain percentage of people are this or that. Girl, how many states have you lived in to make a statement like that. LMAO

    • Positive 32


  • http://google WOW

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but its not always what ppl think.

    • Positive 32

      Nowadays, pictures can be what you want them to be.

  • Peppa

    5^@Positive32. People make pictures as well as comments and posts and even interviews to mean what they want it to mean, in order to satisfy their opinion on a matter. For example, if two men hug, the viewer may look at it as they are gay, because some idiot made most black americans feel that a blk man showing any type of affection to anyone other than a big booty hoochies in stilettos and heat seek and stretch pants, that he must be bi or gay.

    • Caramel Sweetz

      Agreed! I’m so glad you said that.

  • Entoon

    I see dude went out and recruited his friends to be all up on this website explaining his ish! LOL! If he didn’t have such a big azz ego and cared so much about what people think then it wouldn’t be an issue! So RL-uh, I mean Peppa miss me with the bull! Opinions are just that and interpretation belongs to the individual! Stop the mind control cuz yo boy RL looked like a piece of spicy rotiserrie gold in that pic! LOL!

    • 100milesperhour

      HAHAHAHAHA-You know what I’m sayin’? Got his butt crack exposed to the world wondering why folks think he’s a flamer.

  • shana

    it’s great that he cleared it up , What I think is people are so brain wash by gay this gay that , They think everybody and their mama is gay now.. Butta Love song was my favorite and still is

    • Entoon

      “BUTTA” Love!!! bwahahahaha! that joke writes itself! bwahahaha! the title of that song is a real FLAMER!!!

  • jamie

    This was a good and funny interview seems like princess want RL all over her bodyyyy

  • Jay

    RL when is that album dropping been waiting

  • Tiffany

    Princess is was my favorite in crime mob and RL you can get it any time baby . Forget the haters

  • Machelle

    Why is he taking nekkid pics anyway? No one is checking for him..He should save that for his woman…Please…I guess he thinks he’s the only man that goes to gym….like please..this homo needs a life…lol

    • 100milesperhour


    • Caramel Sweetz

      and ignorance lives on.

  • http://www.twitter.com/mscreative1 mscreative

    nice body! let me see the “thang thang” hehe

  • notadummy

    RL’s body is looking right. He finally looks like a man. Not a boy anymore.
    bout to Utube his music.

  • John

    Do your thing bro , Im a trainer so let them hate…

  • Mock Rock Star

    The picture just looks unappealing a tad bit. Gay isn’t always “unappealing” people HELLO that’s where most of the fashion has come from. Gay can be unique, but as far as RL being gay or whatever…I didn’t think that or cared because I don’t find him really appealing, but I’m glad he’s working on his body. Kudos for that and many of U all need to follow his lead with your fat a$$es!!!

  • wtfever

    I think RL is charming, talented and intelligent. I wish him future success and happiness. People dont look into things all the time before they judge, and this picture issue is a perfect example. He has a very interesting blog and was making a valid point, the picture was just a piece. Stay Happy RL.

  • http://bossip.com setitoffd t

    he seems like a good dude and intelligent, ive heard him speak before and even if he is alternative it doesnt change that he seems to be a good person

  • ArmyWife

    OK PEOPLE…he just looks too “MEATY” to me. I’m sorry, I love a man with a little meat on his bones, but that pic reminded me of sausage meat coming out of the casing… I’M SORRRRRRRY!!! But he’s not doing this for anything BUT attention…NEXT!!

  • tammy

    RL I support you people always have something to say . They throw rocks and hide their hand.

  • Tito

    Good Interview Christ james

  • justbeingreal


  • Lucky Lo

    Black people always calling people gay for any reason.is that a cultural thing?

  • tommy

    RL let the haters hate keep doing your thing

  • http://myspace cindy

    i thought lena was cheatin on him ….i did,nt kown he was cheatin on her….

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