Are You Feelin’ Ciara’s Album Get Up???

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Ciara's Basic Instinct Insert

Ciara’s new album “Basic Instinct” is set to release next Tuesday and with all the booty droppin’ and c**chie poppin’ she’s been doing on stage, we hope all that translates into album sales. We caught a quick preview of what’s in Ciara’s album insert and it looks like she was thrown back into the 80’s with a splash of Apollonia from “Purple Rain”…

American Apparel has everyone thinking they can wear spandex but is this what’s next???



  • el diablo

    Perfect album title! After her sales report she will be basically instinct to the music game.

    Ciara will be the next one calling VH1 for a reality show.

    • Don

      LLLLLLLOOOOLLLLLLL!!! You are right on the money with that one! I can see her with a vh1 reality show. But I wonder what would they call it.

    • nywoman23

      Perfect album title! After her sales report she will be basically instinct to the music game.

      lmao. ha

    • bdfhgs

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    • contagioussuperstar

      I agree 100% She is terrible!!!!!!

    • E.C. from D.C.

      IT’S HOTTTTTT I love it.


    She looks gorgeous.

    • Rose

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  • nymphis

    @el diablo

    I was thinkin the same thing. She betta save these Album covers, cause she gone need proof to her kids that she was ever relevant

  • i kc u u kc me

    Ditto Bella

  • aya sonjohn

    Its cute, but others have done the same pose on their albums.

  • cocoa49

    she will sell

  • bbbbb

    @ el diablo

    “Instinct” is not the same as “extinct”…whenever you aren’t sure about the meaning of a word, hit up the dictionary =)

    • nywoman23

      i got the joke. im sure he knows the difference between instinct and extinct.

      but dang why you trying to take the dudes shine away.just mad u didnt come up with the joke. but since the title is instinct. he had to roll with that. for us non slow people we know he meant extinct.

  • TEE

    im sorry im not being hateful but to me she is not being herself she changed too much for me..i will listen to her album though just to see how i feel about it

  • remmy


    • YokoDMV


  • bbbbb


    No, I could care less about a joke and “taking someone’s shine” because I’m not the sort of person who puts that kind of negativity in the world, and yes I got it when I read it, but c’mon…#imjussayin

  • !!!!!


  • rene

    YES!!!!!!!!! I LOvE it. No female can out dance her!

  • Ms. KillerLashes

    Dancing don’t sell albums! Her singing “talent” damn sure won’t either! Good try though Cerror…..

  • ReALiSt aka ReALiSt (ThE SuPrEmE BoSSiPpEr)

    I want this b!t.c.h to dance and ride on this mandingo all day… Her album will go plastic, realtalk… Crunk died when black eyed peas started putting some junk in people trunk, believe that..

    • Rene

      Ya ll weren’t saying these negative things when her first single “Goodies” came out with Petey pablo, You know you were dropping it like its hot, doing the penguin the mash potato and hurting yourself. So stop all this negative comments. LOL!!! If she weighed 300 lbs you would feel different. Don’t hate. Appreciate her and her music.

  • Ms. KillerLashes

    Dancing doesn’t sell albums! Her singing “talent” damn sure won’t either! Good try though Cerror…..

    Shoutout two all tha enlash teachrs on bosip….. Did I make any spelling gramers? Plwase correct me if I’m wrong!

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