Lil Romeo Gets Ganked at USC

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Lil Romeo discusses life as a college student and getting robbed his first 5 weeks at USC:

Rapper Lil’ Romeo has only attended college for five weeks, but he’s already learned a few lessons about surviving on campus. “Lock your bike!” says the University of Southern California freshman, 19, who has had three expensive bikes stolen. “Now I just have a little $5 bike that hopefully no one will want.” As for jewelry, “I don’t bring anything expensive to the dorms,” he says. “I just sleep with my earrings on.” The rapper, who plays basketball as a point guard for the Trojans and plans to major in film production, also reveals a surprising taste in movies. “I love romantic comedies,” he says. “[I like] Made of Honor and 27 Dresses. “And I just rented The Notebook!” And just like any other freshman, Top Roman, cereal and Easy Mac crowd the kitchen counter tops of his dorm. “I love college life,” he says. “It’s like a vacation.”

Wow, he must be really secure with his manhood to admit to liking “27 Dresses” and “The Notebook”. Those are some major b*tch flicks for sure.



  • kahmmillion

    Romeo getting big.

  • kahmmillion

    Why a bro can’t get his education without getting got?

  • blkmoto

    good luck to him

  • ms meca

    .. since people kno he got money its a good thing he dont take expensive stuff on campus…

    and whats wrong with 27 dresses and notebook.. men can watch it

  • Ms Hollywood

    I didnt realize he was old enough to be in College..


  • Ms Hollywood

    LOL @ ms meca I just watched 27 dresses this weekend with my boo lol

  • Kompton's Kutie {{Suivez la Faveur}}

    Haters are everywhere. Especially at colleges, trust.

  • Flawdagurl~{ This is only a test...GOD IS SO GOOD}

    Its nice to see that he can have whatever he wants but choose to live his life like a regular kid. B/c if P.Miller was my dad somebody would be getting their a** tore up about my bikes! (lol)

  • Black Beauty

    I really like this young man. I wish him all the best.

  • Mr.Anderson says

    A degree in film production? His head is screwed on tight. He is an EXCEPTIONAL young black man.

  • Enyclopedia Brown

    When you’re as rich as he is, you can say and do whatever you want.

    but only in America

  • Flawdagurl~{ This is only a test...GOD IS SO GOOD}

    @mr anderson

    He is following dads footstep which isnt bad at all!

  • Fellow Houstonian

    P. Miller Sr, should be so proud of his son! We know he isn’t worried about that entertainment life like most of these kids in the industry. Romeo just stay away from that TPT family called the spears, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://checkmeout Film (Michele Bachmann and Larry Kudlow are utterly preposterous)

    When your a film student, it’s uncultured and artless to not be passionate or not appreciate all genre’s of filmmaking, although there are certain ones that you regard to your liking. I’m sure he’ll benefit from the School of Cinematic Arts.

  • Sawyer

    Is this little nucca serious?! College is NOT, I repeat NOT a vacation! Sports will consume your college career and once you do hit those major classes come your junior year and you really have to bog down…we’ll see how much of a vacation it is.

    Although your freshman year is fun…full of drinking, f**king and partying (maybe slip some time for class)…gosh I miss college!

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