This Guy Sure Is Handsome…

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darren sharper doing good in new orleans

Wow. Here is fine-behind Darren Sharper doing good deeds and ish in New Orleans.

Beautiful smile and dimples…you likey ladies???


  • melyssa fire

    Dont waste your time. Hes into White and Latina girls only..

    • suga


    • Sepia830

      How the hell do you know?

      On a side note…I don’t usually pause and click for the brothers, but d-zam…

    • bb

      ummm no he isn’t only into you skanky broads….. you must be a latina or white girl. FACT: Darren also loves a black educated beautiful woman.

  • juliemango

    Let him b into the anything but black girl he still nice to look at!!!

    • melyssa fire

      Yeah, he is fine as hell.. he got that.

  • http://teesf tee


    • http://teesf tee

      im white and latina all in one! holla lol



  • dawn

    No black women aloud its always the good looking men that have many baby mamas and baby mama drama-plus he is sleeping with his white ugly publicist elizabeth morris of irving-morris

  • ruetella

    he wasnt always that way, Darren has evolved to “others” but he had a couple thorough sisters back in the day, coming out the R

  • beccauk

    another bites the dust!!!

  • Rob

    Ask yourself why he is into white women. Black women are just as pretty, maybe its your mentality that turn these men off.

    • shut the fu*ck up bit*ches

      you wish you had a puzzy don’t you instead of that 3 in butter knife

    • Ridiculous 1

      Please! Darren and men like him are players!!! He may be with an assortment of white and latina chicks just like he goes through a change of clothes. I say, play on playa!!! When Darren “wifes up” a latina or a white woman, perhaps you will have made a point.

    • Sepia830

      Right…all black women have f’d up mentalities, just like all brothers are unemployed ex-cons who smoke weed all day while waiting for their mother to come home and cook them dinner.

    • MizASterling

      So, by your logic, Rob, this young man met every black woman on all 7 continents and made an insightful choice to not get involved with one?

      I’m saying, I’m not in to the interracial dating myself–my daddy would kill me if I set foot in the swirl–however, why can’t he just be attracted to white women?

      I personally don’t care, because, if a man doesn’t want me for the colour of my skin, please know I didn’t want his a s s first.

      Is that an attitude..?

      Ah, well, I guess it is.

  • idrag4mj



    Good Larwd!!!! Now that is a great chocolate drink of Fine A$$ness right there!!! I would be whatever you want me to be daddy.

  • piink'

    I love dudes wit dimples like dat :)

  • cotton124

    Yes, He is. now i would turn my head to look at him twice. but ya’ll know he second feddle to young man chris brown. but i like him!

  • cotton124


  • xoxo

    @ m fire only because he hasn’t met me.

  • Enabler

    Eh, he a ghostbusta’ like the rest of ’em.

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