This Guy Sure Is Handsome…

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darren sharper doing good in new orleans

Wow. Here is fine-behind Darren Sharper doing good deeds and ish in New Orleans.

Beautiful smile and dimples…you likey ladies???


  • melyssa fire

    Dont waste your time. Hes into White and Latina girls only..

    • suga


    • Sepia830

      How the hell do you know?

      On a side note…I don’t usually pause and click for the brothers, but d-zam…

    • bb

      ummm no he isn’t only into you skanky broads….. you must be a latina or white girl. FACT: Darren also loves a black educated beautiful woman.

  • juliemango

    Let him b into the anything but black girl he still nice to look at!!!

    • melyssa fire

      Yeah, he is fine as hell.. he got that.

  • http://teesf tee


    • http://teesf tee

      im white and latina all in one! holla lol



  • dawn

    No black women aloud its always the good looking men that have many baby mamas and baby mama drama-plus he is sleeping with his white ugly publicist elizabeth morris of irving-morris

  • ruetella

    he wasnt always that way, Darren has evolved to “others” but he had a couple thorough sisters back in the day, coming out the R

  • beccauk

    another bites the dust!!!

  • Rob

    Ask yourself why he is into white women. Black women are just as pretty, maybe its your mentality that turn these men off.

    • shut the fu*ck up bit*ches

      you wish you had a puzzy don’t you instead of that 3 in butter knife

    • Ridiculous 1

      Please! Darren and men like him are players!!! He may be with an assortment of white and latina chicks just like he goes through a change of clothes. I say, play on playa!!! When Darren “wifes up” a latina or a white woman, perhaps you will have made a point.

    • Sepia830

      Right…all black women have f’d up mentalities, just like all brothers are unemployed ex-cons who smoke weed all day while waiting for their mother to come home and cook them dinner.

    • MizASterling

      So, by your logic, Rob, this young man met every black woman on all 7 continents and made an insightful choice to not get involved with one?

      I’m saying, I’m not in to the interracial dating myself–my daddy would kill me if I set foot in the swirl–however, why can’t he just be attracted to white women?

      I personally don’t care, because, if a man doesn’t want me for the colour of my skin, please know I didn’t want his a s s first.

      Is that an attitude..?

      Ah, well, I guess it is.

  • idrag4mj



    Good Larwd!!!! Now that is a great chocolate drink of Fine A$$ness right there!!! I would be whatever you want me to be daddy.

  • piink'

    I love dudes wit dimples like dat🙂

  • cotton124

    Yes, He is. now i would turn my head to look at him twice. but ya’ll know he second feddle to young man chris brown. but i like him!

  • cotton124


  • xoxo

    @ m fire only because he hasn’t met me.

  • Enabler

    Eh, he a ghostbusta’ like the rest of ’em.


    as fine as he is, it is funny that he suddenly becomes pathetic and crass as soon as his love for anything non black is exposed. i would never sleep with someone like that because hes a sleezeball, cute smile or not

  • Fashion Yaa

    love the dimples smiles and shape of his head . i can see his halo, so handsome🙂

  • Fashion Yaa

    didn’t used to be with Gabby Union? wow he looks so much better than i thought.

  • Yalltalkin2much

    That’s not true at all he’s dating my friend n she’s BLACK BEAUTY cause u see him with a white girl doesn’t mean that’s all he into! Gosh g wiz give a brother a break

    • D.B

      uh did you read what you posted how if he is dating your friend, and if he is seen with a white girl that doesnt mean anything, i thought he was dating your friend, you dont make any sense, plus your lying have a nice day! darren is very much single/w two kids

  • 7lady

    Yes he’s is fine! He might have Omari Hardrick beat. Them dimples makin me melt. And that smile…goodness gracious.

  • Ridiculous 1

    Darren is fine, almost perfect with his big blow-pop head!!LMAO!!

  • LaylahKnight

    I been wanting him for years, now! Since he was a packer

  • scorched beans

    Yeah, he’s cute alright. Killer eyes, smile and dimples.

  • Are You Serious?

    Its his TEETH!!!!! OMG

  • Chell

    He is the epitomy of sexiness!!! GOOOOOOT DAAAAMN!! I met him at a gym in New Orleans about 6 or 7 years ago when he was with the Green Bay Packers, he actually asked me where were all the black women, so trust me he has a thing for black women as well. I SHOULD HAVE GAVE HIM MY GOT DAMN NUMBER!!!

    • DJ's Mom

      Girrrrrrrrrrrl…how did you let that one get away? He looks fantastic.

    • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

      You should’ve hopped on that! I know I would’ve lol 🙂

      You probably would’ve had a little Darrens & Chellies running around now…j/k

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