Three Reasons Cam Newton’s Hometown Piece Is A Keeper [New Photos Inside]

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Natalian Carr

We’re sure that, like any handsome, talented, intelligent and successful athlete, Cam Newton gets more than his fair share of buns thrown at him. Here’s why he should ignore all that and stick to his girl Natalian.

1. She’s already got a man taking care of her: she calls him Daddy. Natalian Carr comes from old money, but that hasn’t stopped her father from building his own fortune as an industrial real estate and land developer.

2. She’s (almost) got her own: once gets her degree in public relations from Clark-Atlanta University, Natalian plans on attending law school. So by no means is this a girl who is expecting ANY man to step into her Daddy’s shoes.

3. She’s been putting up with Cam’s sh*t for way too long: Natalian and Cam have been together off and on since she was 16. Meaning she’s down for the cause. And wifey material.

Bonus: one of her besties, Carmen Ellis (the other girl in the photos below) has been dating Cam’s homie Tim Beckham, the #1 overall draft pick in the 2008 MLB Draft, for the past 5 years. Tim’s signing bonus from the Tampa Bay Rays was $6.15 million. In other words: Nat doesn’t keep a crew of birds around.

Oh, and random watch below: that was Nat’s gift from Cameron for her 21st birthday over the weekend. Who’s buying that for their ex?? These two are definitely currently on.


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