Trey Songz “Saw It On… I Remember The Day, I-Aint-Gay!” [Video]

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This dude chopped that Angela “Sweet-N-Sour” Yee into kibbles and bits!

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  • TCarillo


    • nikemy

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  • Vicky .

    Why does his sexual orientation matter ?

    If he`s gay or not; he is still getting women .

    • cobra

      aides you jack a s s

    • florida

      yeah just spread the HIV/AIDS all up and through the black community why doncha!!!

      SMDH – fool that u r!

  • Annette

    he’s cute.

  • It's Me

    Dat Angela gal is cute. What does the body look like?

  • zia



    Who Cares????????

  • yoli

    he may not be gay but he sure did have crabs!!! lol you tube it ……….

  • Phacorah

    Love you Trey! Man you can get your ticket punched a couple times.

  • Grteful

    I’d like to thank Trey Songz for saying he is not gay. Gay isn’t the way.

  • Jane Doe

    He is a gay lil boy that gets puss… Trey Gay!

  • JaZzIe91

    Of course the haters want him to be gay. Look at these comments. SMH. Anyway Trey, keep doing you and I wish you more success in your life.


    • H0lliw00d

      Great Comment!! People love to talk down on someone they don’t like. THAT DOES NOT MAKE HIM GAY..and whoever said “He is a gay man that gets puss…” that just sounds stupid…smh.. Good job Trey becasue you doing your thing and gicing everyone a reason a worry about what you doing. That DEFINITELY means you’re doing something right! :)

  • sodatrue

    If Trey is gay on the downlow, he hides it hella well. That man is not gay.

    • Dee

      Honey, there are men out there who are gay and so masculine that will put his masculinity to shame.

  • Trufe

    Who gives a FK!!!!!
    Jus keep makin good music. I don’t give a damn what you do on your own time as long as you ain’t on some ol’ OJ Simpson.

  • Mrs_Aldon

    Trey Songz gay?! how dumb can people get?! Trey loves women isn’t that obvious?! People should think before they talk!

  • pineapple

    Not a fan of Angela Yee.

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