It Pays To Hold Mike Vick Down…

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Kijafa Frink Michael Vick

Kijafa Frink may have had to share her man’s DNA with other broads, and she may not have a wedding band yet. But she’s certainly reaping the benefits of being Michael Vick’s down-azz chick.

TMZ reports Mike took good care of his fiancee/baby mama for her birthday in Philly last night.

Michael Vick is definitely spending cash like a starting QB — because the dude just handed over a fully loaded Porsche to his fiancée at her birthday bash in Philadelphia … TMZ has learned.

Sources inside the party tell us Vick’s fiancée, Kijafa Frink, celebrated her birthday with a private event at a Philly nightclub … where guests feasted on filet mignon sliders, imported crab balls, and designer chicken wings (yeah, we don’t get it either).

But here’s the kicker — when it was time to open gifts Vick whipped out a brand new Porsche Panamera! Yeah, he dropped $90k on a birthday gift. Baller.

We’re told Vick’s Philadelphia Eagles teammates LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson were also at the party — but we’re guessing he didn’t toss the Porsche keys to ‘em the way he tosses the rock.

Wait, can he afford to be buying $90k cars all willy nilly like that? How do the payments on a Panamera factor into his allowance??

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