It’s a Wrap for Rap City

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BET has decided to scrap Rap City: Tha Basement, which has been pretty wack for a while now thanks to lame hosts, barely luke warm guests, and poor executive handling. For the full story on the demise of the longest running hip-hop show, click away.

Update: BET is replacing Rap City with a new show called “The Deal” hosted by DJ Diamond Cuts premiering on November 10.


  • jalend


  • NU (Product of the Swirl and AINT mad about it)

    Is that a pack of hot dogs on the floor?

  • I Will Wash Twist & Curl your locs for under $100

    Wow is that Tigger? Wow!!

  • jalend

    Long overdue – noone watching it anyways.. Tired after Tigger left..

  • LadyLuvsVodka

    Rap City is way pasted its prime. It hasn’t been the same since Joe Clair and Big Lez were there


    Dorry they moved the basement to

    They only play good music that represents us as a culture.

  • LadyLuvsVodka

    or tigger

  • jalend

    Was ok with with Tig.. it could get by.

  • Ms. Toson

    Ever since my high school and college years, I always thought that show was weak. I used to sit through downloads of Yo MTV raps to pass the time.

  • Red

    When are they going to cancel 106th & Park? They are sucking ass pretty bad right about now!

  • The Grundle

    Tigga is ah bulla. Hahahahaha

  • Lacombe Redbone (Creole by default)

    Ooooh flexible!!! lol

    …Nice High-Top Fade :)

  • eyes

    about time, it’s been weak since tigger left. In that pic he looks like Cam. lol!

  • High Life

    Does anyone still watch BET?

  • Superwoman (Most lipstick contains fish scales)

    LMAO at that picture of Tigger!!!

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