Waka Flocka’s Mama Thinks “Pink Friday” Is Hot Garbaj

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Deb Antney on Nicki Minaj

We love Auntie Deb for always having the cajones to say what so many people are secretly thinking.

Nicki Minaj’s old manager didn’t hold back when Vibe.com recently asked her how she felt about “Pink Friday.”

It’s terrible. I like some stuff, but she went too left. I don’t think people were ready for her to come [out with pop]. When I had Nicki, I really wanted her to sing. That’s why I took her for training cause Nicki loves singing, but she kept saying to me, ‘Deb, I can’t do it yet because people won’t understand.’ And that’s why the [rap] mixture was done to introduce them to all of Nicki. I think [Pink Friday] was very disappointing to a lot of her fans. She didn’t need a lot of [the] features. That was one of the biggest things like… you gave people so many features, give them you now. Nicki could be so much better because—outside of anything that people say—she’s very multi-talented. I really wish that she would learn to be more of an artist.

[Insert your own “Waka Flocka is trash and Gucci Mane killed Hip-Hop” jokes here]


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