Coupled Up: Niecy Nash And Fiancé Do Dinner In Hollyweird

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Niecy Nash goes out to Boa Steakhouse with soon to be husband Jay Tucker in West Hollywood

Niecy Nash and her man Jay Tucker were spotted out in Hollyweird getting their Boa steakhouse on. Niecy is looking good and seems happy.

Good for her. Check out more photos:

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  • 7lady

    I’m so glad she finally took that big dumb azz flower out her head. She looks nice and I like her alot. Her man looks good too. They make a good couple.



      She wore those flowers so much I started hating them.

  • God Aint Sleep!

    She is so over the TOP with her Sista Gurl act!

    • CAN AM

      Yep. That’s how they see us. Rosie Perez was that over the top Puerto Rican. That’s how they see Spanish women.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Love this shade of blue however she could’ve wore different color shoes to make the fit pop out more JMO since I’m not big on matching from head to toe.

    Her man looks handsome.

  • nana

    Love love this woman! Am glad she took the flower outta her hair too. It was startin 2 get annoying

  • Hollywood Jill

    Um….. why does he have a wad of cash in his hand?!?!

    • Ree

      Maybe he just tipped the valet?

  • Tah

    she wears alot i mean alot of make-up

  • rene

    Dies Nicey have a degree in psychology? I noticed on The show Clean House, she deals with the mind of these people as well as the messy house.Is she a Christian? I saw her talking to Brandy about men, and Nicey emphasises while waving her hands when she said “You want a man who loves the Lord” made me think other wise. Just a thought. I do like her she is very smart and makes me laugh .

  • rene

    Typo Does

  • Educated Goon

    Hmm….should I use this as an opportunity to bash black women?

    • Fashion Yaa

      let it out just like we do

  • Toni

    OMG she looks a billion times better than she did on Brandy and Ray Jay’s reality show…

  • dina

    Thats here money in his hands if she couldnt make it work with her ex hubby, a man of the cloth then this dude aint got a chance

  • Xclusive

    I Saw her during the SuMMer she is one UgLy ChiCk…thank god she doesn’t Rock those Flowers in her hair anymore….Ugh

  • wow

    A man of the cloth? I see you’re still brainwashed. Bishop Long is a man of the cloth and he was “making it work” with more than his wife.Stop being a follower!

  • get em paid

    Sho u right! It was the same mess!

  • Fashion Yaa

    Niecy is Blessed. Gosh, had no idea!!!

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