MiMi Throws Shade…Says The Term “Diva” Is Used Way Too Loosely These Days

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Mariah Carey has insisted that there are too many divas in the music industry. The singer, who is famous for her outlandish demands, said that too many new acts are branded with the diva label, and believes only women with “longevity” in music deserve the title. “I don’t really follow every new act – they come out constantly,” she told Pride.

“There are so many, it’s often hard to keep track, and sometimes they’re here today and gone tomorrow. “I admire my friends, like Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj – people who seem destined to be doing this for a living with longevity.” Discussing her own diva status, she said: “I’m a strong woman who works extremely hard to be able to have my life the way I want it. So, if that makes me a diva, then okay.”

mariah carey and beyonce

Damn we understand that BeyBey is a hardworking individual, but Nicki Minaj?? Her album hasn’t even been out for a month…Discuss.



  • KimmyandtheCity

    Nicki Minaj is definitely not a dive yet…in time maybe.

  • PLUNTa

    hoees support hoeess an beyonce aint no diva shes a copycat..niki is a fake


    nicki has been hustling since ’06. how the he** else can you explain why she has been featured with and has featured on her album the following:
    lil’ wayne
    natasha beningfield
    busta rhymes
    sean garrett
    that ain’t fake. that’s major moves.
    discuss that. :-)

    • Blu

      Diva is a celebrated female singer. The term is used to describe a woman of outstanding talent in the world of opera, and, by extension, in theatre, cinema and popular music. The meaning of diva is closely related to that of “prima donna”
      (the term diva wasn’t actually used as much until Mariah Carey which automatically started the use of diva in pop culture/music). And NO Nicki isn’t one.

    • RHONYC

      i never said nicki was a diva.
      Fundamental. :-)

    • chaka1

      It takes years, proven experience, global domination, overcoming tremendous obstacles, and industry POWER to be a DIVA. Nikki hasn’t earned her chops yet. Come back in 5 years. If she’s still on top, she’s got it.

  • LaDiva

    I’m frankly tired of ppl swagging my name… I’m the only Diva…’Nuff said…

  • RMEs

    I blame VH1. If they hadn’t come out with that dang
    “Divas Live” then any ole Sue, Sissy and Nicki wouldn’t get the title. Reserve the title for the Arethas, Pattis, Chakas, Mariahs and Whitneys of the world. Thank you!

    • extraordinary

      I cosign with you on that.

    • Ace_d


    • tommykimon

      So true, I seen the one when Aretha was up on the stage with Mariah, Celine Dion and a bunch of the other singers and blew them all out the water. They couldn’t even try to sing over her voice. My mom was telling me that was from all of her years of singing over her church’s choir.

  • Sincerely Jouet

    Ummmm, “Nicki has been hustling since ’06.” Ok, that makes her about 5 years of putting in work. Now how long have Beyonce and Mariah and other legends been doing the damn thing, trying to open up doors and make it easier for new artists coming out now? Nicki is not a Diva yet. She doesn’t even have STRONG endorsements other then this limited MAC lip stick. She’ll be a diva in due time. Listing a bunch of collabs does not make her a diva. It made her name more noticible. Please cut the noise. Mariah shouldn’t even be supporting as a diva at this moment. I’ll root for Nicki’s longevity, but let’s be REAL about all that. SMDH.



    • http://www.facebook.com/TaPharoah HERSHEY'S

      Speak on it!

    • RMEs

      I’m not even sure I see that Nicki can carry a song by herself. She seems to be a collabo artist. When I see a smash hit by her–with no help from another artist, then I’ll reconsider my opinion about her.

    • mj4eva

      Mariah and Beyonce are divas, they branched and became businesswomen as well as working in entertainment. But Nicki Minaj, its too early to call for her. Some other divas come to mind: Diana Ross, Halle Berry, Oprah, Aretha, Whitney, and Kathy Hughes. These women are successful and will be making scrilla until the day they die.

  • I Look Like Yes You Look Like No

    Nicki could be a “diva” in time, but not yet. It’s too soon.

  • chileplz

    yes BEYONCE IS A DIVA!! ppl are afraid to seem like they are hating on nicki..
    barbies = bieber fever..

    u come across like a pure bitter hater if u dislike nicki, or think her “movement” is a joke.

    im sick of ppl cosigning NICKI as the only 1 w/any achievements in female hip hop!! how is it more black women than black men and we make more MONEY than black men and yet if we dont like the ONE female rapper they throw out to us we have to be old or haters. why the monopoly?

    any way go barbie + justin bieber is the next michael jackson………….. #sarcasm

  • Liz

    Nicki has the potential to be a diva, but she’s definitely one one yet. It does take longevity and just because she’s been “guesting” on songs and have folks on hers, doesn’t make her a diva.

  • http://www.facebook.com/TaPharoah HERSHEY'S

    What is a “DIVA” exactly? And who else calls themselves a diva BESIDES Beyonce and Ciara?

    • RHONYC

      Na, na, na, diva is a female version of a hustla
      Of a hustla, of a, of a hustla
      Na, na, na, diva is a female version of a hustla
      Of a hustla, of a, of a hustla
      lol :-)

  • I wasn't gonna say anything,but...

    Nicki Minaj is no diva.Yet.Yes I think she’s uber talented but she still needs to build up her resume.One album,a few guest features,and an appearance on 106th and Park is not enough to give you superstar/diva status.You have to earn it.That’s what’s wrong with the music industry today they’re too focused on a hit for right now and not the actual longevity of being an artist.The same people who call Nicki Minaj a diva are probably the same people who say Drake is one of the greatest rappers of all time.Pure Blasphemy!!!

  • chrissy

    where ya boss at….lol

  • Sydney

    First off, Mariah, Beyonce, and all those others like Diana Ross and Aretha are divas…Nicki Minaj is a little more humble to be called a diva. & Ciara..well you know how that goes.

  • imjustsayin

    So wait is diva good or bad because when people say that I always thought that was another name for demanding bytch

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