What Is Wrong With This Picture???

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coco nicole austin booty butt naked

Here’s Coco snapping shots of her self-proclaimed 100% authentic donk in the mirror.

coco nicole austin booty butt naked

Merry AssMas!!!


  • Keep it Real

    She got a Brazillian Butt lift. See photos of her azz on the beach a couple of years ago. They did a good job. Might want to loose a few pounds ma.

  • LaDiva

    While I do know many women from all races that have a natural big butt, I don’t believe Coco’s is natural, same as I don’t believe Lola Monroe’s butt is real either…

  • purple love

    I do not get what men find appealing about that *kanye shrug*

  • Jay

    Nothing looks wrong to me.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    It’s surgically enhanced since I’ve seen old pix of her pre-alteration but regardless,it looks nice to me & I’m sure many fellas will agree LOL.
    She just love taking pix of herself as well as wearing the tightest outfit she can find huh? I guess,I don’t blame her since she has the body/booty for it & her hubby Ice T loves it so..

  • Luscious

    She’s admitted as much – that the only thing truly real about her is her attitude and her desire to be some plastic surgeons’ masterpiece. At least you can appreciate her honesty.

  • http://static2.hypem.net/thumbs/2/1089002.png YokoDMV

    coco is a guilty pleasure of mine – however i am opposed to the mirror self-shots….professionals should be photographed by professionals

  • http://static2.hypem.net/thumbs/2/1089002.png YokoDMV

    and yes – “ho” is a profession…since the beginning of time

    • S.a.s.s.y24


  • 7lady

    Yes KEEP IT REAL I saw those pics at the beach. And that azz looked flat wide and pasty. But whatever enhancements she get they look nice. Very curvy.

  • bbbbb

    I really wish folks would stop with the cell-phone-in-the-bathroom-mirror-myspace type pics…shxt looks tacky lol…even for a woman as pretty as her

  • http://yahoo.com rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

    I really dont think just because a woman comes on as says its fake that she is a jealous fat black ugly woman! She is just speaking the truth.. why does she have to be fat , black ugly and a hating azz black woman ! The womens azz is fake and im none of those things..jealousy of another woman is just not in me especially why would i be jealous of something a person had to enhance that i already have,, come on get real!! stop with the we black women are hating!

    • tommykimon

      @ Rose why we have to be jealous. My butt looks like that and it’s natural.

  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    Aint SH!T wrong with the picture …NOTHING AT ALL

    • Antonio Bone

      nothing at ALL

  • NOLA

    Coco: “Does my butt look big?”
    Answer: “Yes.”
    Coco: “Yay!”
    Good for her.
    I’m not mad.

  • Don't b mad

    Co-sign, u spoke truth there!!!

  • ReALiSt aka ReALiSt (MiKe ViCk iS LiKe GOD tO PeYtOn ** & ToM ** - WhO BeTTeR ThAn MV7??)

    That fat azz got me thinking and drooling – I wanna beat that!!

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