Kerry Washington vs. Bossip????

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We missed a little something in the July issue of Essence Magazine. Kerry Washington responded to some of our coverage of her ex-boyfriend David Moscow. Here is part of the article from Essence Magazine:

Although the relationship was interracial (one African-American blog dismissively described him as her “Something New”), the split had nothing to do with race. “I have relatives who are from Nepal, Thailand, Puerto Rico,” says Washington. “So it wasn’t a huge departure for me to be with someone who wasn’t Black. I know people were making comments about it online. But I don’t live my life based on bloggers; I live my life based on what my heart is telling me to do.”


“My White Knight, you have saved me from all these trifling nig*as”

We never said anything ‘dismissively’ about her relationship. SMH. ‘Something New’, yeah that’s us but all we said is he wasn’t that into her and we showed a little bit of evidence. Now if only she could have told Essence why they really broke up. Older comments didn’t make it over to our new blog but you can read some of the comments Kerry was probably talking about, here and here.

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