Ne-Yo Says He’s Not FAWKING With This New “Michael Jackson” Album, And We Ain’t Mad At Him!

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We might have called Ne-Yo a lot of things in the past , but the one things we can’t call him is a liar. The R&B superstar says that he ain’t rockin’ with this new MJ album and after listening to it front to back we have to agree wholeheartedly.

Safe to say Ne-Yo will not be picking up the new Michael Jackson album as a stocking stuffer this year. Like, he says it shouldn’t even be out.

Asked about Michael on the street, the R&B singer says he doesn’t even want to listen to it because he doesn’t think MJ would’ve wanted it released.

“Hold My Hand” is a good song… but was it even done? MJ was such a perfectionist, Ne-Yo says, that “I don’t think the album would be out yet.”

He adds, “I’m gonna stick to my old Mike” …

Amen to that! It’s tough to even listen to the whole disc without feeling sadness, embarrasment, and downright anger with how the fact that CLEARLY this was released solely to monetize the memory of The King Of Pop. The label and everyone associated with it should feel the same way, but most of these fools probably just wanted a check. SMH


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