Robin Thicke & Paula Patton Spend Quality Family Time With Baby Julian

- By Bossip Staff

robin thicke paula patton son julian

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton were seen shopping and doing the ‘family thing’ with their son Julian the other day….

robin thicke paula patton son julian

How precious.

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  • kimona

    he’s such a cutie but i think he has down sydrome.

    • Mamacita

      I thought the same thing!

    • BiscuitMD

      Yeah his eyes are a little Downs but he didn’t look like that in the old pictures… guess he’s growing into it. Hopefully he’ll still be a healthy little boy.

    • Ladee Vozz

      In the pic it looks like he has DS but I went to look at the other pic and his eyes are not drooping. Maybe he just woke up and him yawning may be whats giving him that droopy eye look. He’s a cutie to me.

    • thetruthisreal

      i thought the same exact thing!

    • Nia

      He has those same eyes like his pappi and grandpappi, they also look like they had ds, but I dont believe this is the case with the baby.

    • Kyra

      Someone recommended me a nice community~ Bl ackwhiteC upid / Co m ~where b lack & white sin gles are looking for lovers to share interracial lifestyle with… you may check it out or tell your friends.

      Merry Christmas! 😀 😀
      She look like every other girl in the hood in these pix.surprised she aint dressed up.


      If he has Down Syndrome, then his daddy does too. He got those eyes from Robin. There looks to be nothing wrong with the baby, i.m.o. He is a lil roundheaded, adorable, q-t pie.
      On a sidenote, I bet Halle Berry is mad that this mixed chick procreated with a white guy and got a whiter looking baby than she did.
      ‘Oh, the unfortunate cards we’re dealt’. *violin music playing* LMAO

    • ImaPC

      @comprende-you are SO wrong for that, but I did laugh at the ridiculous imagery.

      And btw-, y’all need to quit diagnosing this child with ailments. The kid looks like he’s yawning. And even if he was afflicted with something, so what? God would still love him just like he does the rest of our sorry behinds.

  • Getem

    What a cutie.

  • #teambreezy

    That baby looks like neither one of them.

  • gON dU iT dEN

    Hate to say it but they did not mix well….

    • RHONYC

      there’s a truckload of broads that would have his babies in a heartbeat. sistas included.
      believe that!😉

    • ImaPC

      aww, i think the kid is cute. looks like the gerber baby.

  • luVn_LiFe

    AaaWH he’s adorable and precious,Julian doesnt look like he has a quarter blackin him.

  • JustSayin

    First thing I thought was Down Syndrome (I have worked with Down Syndrome children and he has most of the signs🙂 poor thangs.

  • Sha


  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Cute fam & little Julian is wearing stripes just like his mommy🙂

  • get em paid!

    @kimona & Just
    Ditto! but let’s pray not.



    • DamnTheHumanity

      That is what I thought too (DS) and its not a negative observation, just an observation. He may not. He looks otherwise healthy.

  • Shell

    I think that baby has Down’s Syndrome.

    • LL


  • What?

    Baby Julian is only 25% black, so it’s very likely for him to have mainly anglo features. (Paula Patton is biracial as well.)

    How can you tell that he has MOST of the signs of DS just from pictures?

  • Glok...So fresh ta death, ..Like i jumped in my outfit and died !!!


  • Boomboomroom

    LOL!! Yep!! This baby is NOT CUTE!! But you know kneegrows with there inferiority complex. Any baby that is not dark is CUTE!!! Some of you broads are so gullible.

  • if anything be noble

    I didn’t think people in the US gave birth to babies with ds anymore. I thought most people terminated the pregnancy. If the baby does have ds, and they chose to give birth, I commend them.

  • Dominique Jackson

    That baby really looks like it has down syndrome. How unfortuante. But he’s still a blessing nonetheless.


    great looking couple and yes many a sista love him, lets hope that their son does not have ds

  • Fashion Yaa

    You can tell becos of the eyes and the chubby cheeks that a baby has Downs…however the fact that baby Julien’s eyes are looking straight at daddy Thicke leads me to think otherwise……momma Paula has round eyes soo perhaps the baby has her eyes


    Damn….people actually abort their child if they have Downs???? Those type of people don’t need children period! Healthy or not. So sad. Kudos to Robin and Paula for being stand up parents.

    • ImaPC

      the worst part is-a lot of the doctors actually encourage it to parents. With Black women it’s a double issue because we show a higher gene abnormality than other races, but many times the babies are COMPLETLEY normal. I know people whose doctor detected something on the ultrasound. One chose to have her baby anyway, the child is fully healthy.

      The other had the termination, and has never forgiven herself. As a nurse, she knows there is no guarantee the test was correct, and the decision has haunted her.

  • sisredredbone

    Lol @ baby Jillian giving the side eye! Cutie pie but dang he’s huge how old is he lol lil thickums

  • Lisa

    wow-even a baby receive hate on this site. SMDH unbelievable.

  • Debbie

    I wish black men would take the initive to stay with their black kids like some white guys do. The world would be a much better place.

    • RHONYC

      how many black dudes you know…like 7?
      generalizations makes for a donkey.😦

  • MissPerfect.a.k.a allergic to coonery

    too bad thats not his baby…

  • Anna

    To me it’s the parent(s) that raise a special needs child that receives the biggest gift. Paula lost a baby a yr. before Julian. Do you want a baby w/DS or no baby at all?

  • XO

    Now thats a white baby.It appears most mix black women when they marry w/m they have white kids or close to white. I do not think he has DS, compare Jolie’s daugher to this one and you will see DS.

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