Can President Barack Obama Win His Re-Election In 2012???

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We damn sure hope so! According to White House Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett President Obama’s campaign for re-election will look much different than the strategy he used to get elected in 2008.

“Because he’s the President of the United States, he’s not out there running the way he was before when he was the U.S. Senator,” she explained. “The American people expect him to lead. He’s their President. He’s everybody’s President regardless of party affiliation.”

Jarrett went on to elaborate, “That doesn’t mean that at some point he’s not going to get out there and launch a campaign, but the most important thing that he can do for the American people is think of them every single day and let them guide his actions.”

There’s been a lot of hateration in Obama’s first term and it’s going to be tough for him to win a second go-round. All those that voted need to vote again, and if somehow you didn’t vote the first time you damn sure better show up to the polls in 2012!

What do you think Barry O is thinking in this picture?



  • nana

    Let the Republicans win so they SHOW us wat they CAN do! Am sick and tired of them telling me wat they THINK they can do!

    • me

      fu** a republican…… i hope he win…. im voting for him again

  • Our Country

    Even if he does it doesnt matter hes not gonna win and this country is coming back 2 the whites were it belong blacks had their chance and fumbled with this loser maybe in another 200 years yall get another chance…but dont hold ya breath..

    • pat

      them damn whites is what messed up this country in the last 8 years remember??????
      so why you talkin bout give back to whites?????? duhhh

    • Minkie

      What country belongs to the whites. Nimrod, we belong to China and Saudi Arabia. Get a clue?

    • TT BOY

      I was trying to understand your post,but i couldn’t.You have run on sentences.(No periods) I don’t know where one point starts and the other ends! 0_o

    • TT BOY


      We don’t belong to China & Arabia!

      Maybe YOU do. When you say this,stupid ppl believe you!

      We are STILL very much a superpower! GOOGLE is educational! 0_o

  • TRUFF IS...

    Depends if the bilderbergs and shadow govt wants him to…………….

  • Guest

    Obama will have a difficult time winning reelection if the economy is still struggling, unemployment is still above 10% and the national debt is through the roof.

    • TT BOY

      Wrong! Who told you that? Unemployment is NOT over 10%..

      GOOGLE IT!

      (When you post lies..stupid ppl take it as truth!) 0_o

  • xoxo

    He’s done everything he said he was going to do. YES . And he will win. Got our vote.

    • IKnowRite

      YES, he can!

      I agree with you.

      Happy New Year!

    • TT BOY

      Got mine too! :0)

  • Corve DaCosta

    No he wont

  • meg

    i hope not! no matter who runs, my dude will never win because he’s real…go nader! also, these mofo’s will still be taking our water & shipping it to china, leaving the sh*tty stuff behind for us to drink. no matter what, we will never have free healthcare or health & food freedoms. so many conspiracies going on & we’re letting them.

  • 6'3" 230lbs HUNK

    Yes we WILL.

    Ya’ll know better than to underestimate this man!

    No one though he was gonna win the presidency in the first place and look where we are now.

  • Real

    If he does he’ll have to pull a bush. But i’m sorry he won’t get my vote. Race isn’t important to me but obama is like one of the biggest disappointments in a long time

    • Kris

      u must be dumb cause if you cant remember BUSH the number 1 disappointment in HISTORY



    • guns dont kill people, chuck norris kills people


  • ReALiSt

    I have more chances being the mayor of buffalo than obama the bama getting re-elected.

    • big c

      you have a better chance of finally coming out the closet

  • DMV Guy

    It depends on the Elite. Our votes do NOT count!

  • LadyL

    He hasnt done a damn thing but lie lie lie…false promises, false everything…sick of his shadiness..wont be voting for him again in 2012…good riddance

    • guns dont kill people, chuck norris kills people


  • Str8 Truth

    Don’t underestimate him. Notice how his priorities have shifted in the last few weeks. You think the repeal of DADT was coincidence?

    He will begin doing what the public has wanted him to do and ride that momentum.

  • c'mon fam

    americans dont know better they have the money technology
    but 4/5 of them are retards

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