Cassie Is A Banger

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Cassie Ventura

She might not be the most talented broad out there, but Cassie Ventura is one good-looking girl.

We’ve said it a million times before, and we’ll say it again…this poor girl needs to give up her dreams of being an R&B chick (and Diddy’s whore) and go hard with the modeling. Just a little advice.


  • nana

    She is taking this hairstyle VERY serious I see!

  • 6'3" 230lbs HUNK

    … but first she needs to have a few burgers w/ shake and fries to pad the booty aka IMPACT AREA *ice t voice*. The she can holla at me!

  • @EroticExotic3

    I wish she would give up the half shaved hairstyle…looking like a brain surgery patient

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Yes,she is indeed! Always thought she was stunning!!! Loves it :)

  • IKnowRite

    Sure she’s striking……….but Duddy will just use up her beauty and her body………and once those are gone……..she will become IRRELEVANT like the other skanks.

    I ain’t mad at her, but she needs another plan.

  • DubCgal

    Beautiful, get an agent girl.

  • big c

    she is cute but to slim for me man where is the beef.


    Not Really, I dont see nothing special going on. She look aight and des bout it. blah.

  • nymphis

    so bad she would have stevie wonder and ray Charles fightin over her
    Talkin bout ” I seen her first”

  • nymphis

    The beautiful ones always smash the picture

  • Toi

    She is very attractive… looks a little like J Lo.

  • such and such

    She should forget about the hairstyle cause she’s stunning without it.

  • nicky barnes

    No talent but sure is pretty. Boy, what a sad commentary on our times…

  • Annette

    Why,this is just a young girl that is trying to get by on her looks. I feel sorry for her. it is all so superficial
    and so petty..poor girl..I hope she is saving what money Diddy gives her.

  • Mockielyn

    she is a beauty..

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