Best & Worst Places to Meet a Good Man

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“Where do I find a good man?” While I don’t believe there is an exact formula to meeting a good man, I do believe the keys to finding a good man involve living your best life, while frequenting places where single men are most likely to be.

And before I get to the best places (and worst places) where you’re most likely to meet a good man, I’d like to share some advice. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to live your best life- regardless of whether you have a man in it. Living your best life means being in the best possible place in your life- that means spiritually, emotionally, financially, e.t.c. Living your best life is important because it means you’ll bring more to a relationship than just a pretty face.

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  • Kadadah

    Best Place = Palms Steakhouse
    Worst Palce = Any club

    • DollBaby1o1

      The best place for me to meet the n1gga in the picture would be in a bed!! ANY bed!


  • get em paid!

    Worst place – church!


      yep have to agree there

  • Mrs. Rance

    Best Place = Car Wash
    Worst Place = Church

  • jazzie

    Chuchh worst place.. best place park/ depends on the club

  • Justice

    Worse Place / Worse Kind – hook-up via a mutual friend or at a small initimate gathering. Service men – cable installers, plumbers etc…. If your cute they will try you.

    Best – Starbucks and Best Buy

  • G.M.

    damn, y’all women are hilarious, y’all got self help books, blog sites, relationship experts and cnn specials about how to find/get a man…here’s the best advice none of these so called professionals will give to women, follow these steps and ur good to go:
    1)keep ur weight down
    2)keep ur looks up
    3)dont be a b1tch
    4)cook some dinner
    5)shut the fucc up cuz silence is golden

    • 8ESBABY

      LOL! Especially at 1 and 2 – so true!

    • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

      true true & lmao!!

    • shake em

      cosign that a hundred times

    • al


  • jayluv



  • Ariona Taylor

    If I have to meet a man in AA then I think I’ll start smoking weed.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Who hooks up @ AA meetings?seriously… lmao0000

  • KARA

    Why not church? My best friend met her husband in church and I was a bridesmaid…they have been happily married for 8 years. NO JOKE!

    • G.M.

      8 years aint sh1t…unless they make it till death do them part then the marriage was a fail and just cuz they’re still married doesn’t mean one/both have not cheated on the other or that they’re actually happy…ppl put on fronts for others all the time…dont believe everything u hear/see

  • deelucious

    I don’t care about this article I just saw a fine handsome black man and decided to take a closer look. lol

    Mmmm lawd ha’ mercy!

    • MOONME

      lol..i know him. his name is sidney. he is short and looks nothing like his pictures. the camera does him justice tho..anyway, he also works as a personal trainer here in NY.

    • MOONME

      sidney wilson is his name. you should request him on FB. he is friendly and loves people.

    • deelucious

      Thanks girl! That’s what I’ma do right now! I’m a Facebook groupie now lol

    • leilanidee

      Girl me TOO!!!! WOw!! He’s beautiful!

  • Allie

    Actually my friend’s mom and dad met at a club and they are still married but i would not consider that as an option

    • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

      Like everything,results may vary lol

  • YOdaddy unlce junedogg


    Worst is the club (hella STDs) be careful and wear socks!!!

  • 2sweet

    I’m never single and I only attract 10s. There is no one particular place to meet men that’s good or bad, except the club. If u got it u got it. Women who have it like that know this!!!

  • http://bossip large marge

    @GM YOU SOUND LIKE A DOWN LOW BROTHER! And if your around some body childs especaily lil may be molesting the lilboy!

    • G.M.

      @largemarge: u sound like and ur name looks like ur fighting obesity and losing…stop being a bitter b1tch calling every man that doesn’t kiss ur fat overweight a$$ and calls women out on their bullsh1t and doesn’t sympathize w/them over their dumb life decisions, gay…if ur a blk woman, u probably have no gaydar, u all have a niche for dating/marrying downlow men so much that u just call every man gay cuz ur too stupid/desperate to figure it out U INSECURE B1TCH!!!

  • chocolat

    i’m taking notes! lol You know what i think the best place to pick up a guy is at a humanitarian event. I think some professional events( at least you are meeting like-minded men). Also unconventional places like museums i think will be ideal.

    • G.M.

      @VirgoJewel: YES…but no need to be paranoid about it tho lol

  • Justice

    I agree with GM’s first comments. We as woman get so caught up in this bs azz fantasy ” I’m strong, educated , he should love me for me” bs…. In real life you can’t love yourself if your obese…. There are alot of fat bishes out here who support each other and keep each other fat. Loose weight, it does wonders for your self esteem that is what will attract the right mate….

  • Best & Worst Places to Meet a Good Man (via « I don't Make the News space

    […] Maurice Uncategorized Leave a comment “Where do I find a good man?” While I don’t believe there is an exact formula to meeting a good man, I do believe the keys to finding a good man involve living your best life, while frequenting places where single men are most likely to be. And before I get to the best places (and worst places) where you’re most likely to meet a good man, I’d like to share some advice. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to live your best life- regardles … Read More […]

  • Blackmenareweak

    Maybe black women wouldn’t need self help blogs telling the black woman where to find a good man if a good black man weren’t so hard to find. It’s like finding Santa Claus would be easier. If he’s not gay he’s broke. If he’s not broke he’s a thug. If he’s not a thug he’s an arrogant piece of junk who can’t offer a woman anything. Don’t even get me started on the criminal records or the multiple babies by multiple women or the STD

  • Blackmenareweak

    Whoever GM is he sounds like a bitter ninja who probably got stuck paying child support to his fat BM. You can always tell a ninja mad at the world for what he has gotten himself into and in this case he sounds mad at the black woman cause the child support being garnished from his pi ss poor check is cutting into his clubbing money.

    • Whatev

      I agree with you. Something is definitely, terribly wrong with G.M. He is bitter, hates women, and we should not make the mistake of thinking all men think like him.

    • G.M.

      im being called bitter by someone using the SN:black men are weak, now thats irony…my comments aren’t strictly reserved about blk women, im talking about women in general in America, just cuz its a blk blog doesn’t mean i’ll single out just blk women…and no i dont have any kids and dont want any…and all men are the same in the sex department, we all have a penis and wanna use it, thats like saying lions are not all the same, some dont kill animals and are vegetarians lol

  • leah

    i would love to find that banger in the pic, damn he is fione!!!

  • sportstalk23

    I agree skip churches and clubs because church has become the club now without the admission charge lol The club all you got in commom at that moment is booze and music that’s it. Nothing genuine is in those places. Stay away from them things too. My older sister and her friends would be like check dudes out in like the grocery store to peep what he’s buying if its for one or for his woman and child at home lol, the hardware store plenty of dudes in there right. I’m comfortable in things that aren’t set ups,I met a really cool guy at the laundry mat once, but he was 28 and I was 18 damn if I was just a few years older lol

  • WTHTDTA???

    Screw where to meet a man! Where do i meet THIS man?!?!????
    DAMN he is a fine specimin!

    • MOONME

      i know him, name is sidney wilson. he works as a personal trainer here in NYC…fb

  • sportstalk23

    I will agree with G.M. about one thing meeting guys at charity events is and the like are no sure bets cuz dudes can put on the same type of act they do in church lol if he’s frontin in church then ladies we gotta know dude might be frontin at the Save the Whales benefits,and Feed the Children gala lol

  • phoenyxaustin

    For all the women (and men) out there looking for love, I hope you’ve found my article helpful. Thanks for taking the time to check out my articles on Madame Noire and I appreciate all the comments! – Dr. Phoenyx Austin

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