Guess Who Wakes Up To This Dope NYC View Every Morning

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When he’s in NYC, this suspect R&B singer, his six Grammys and his model girlfriend crash in this swanky 1,350 square foot apartment. No wonder he makes good music. Can you guess who calls this crib home?

John Legend Chrissy Teigen New York Magazine

John Legend is really trying to make this ‘I swear, I’m not gay’ thing stick.

He invited New York Magazine into the East Village apartment he shares with his *clear throat* “girlfriend” Chrissy Teigen recently. And while the crib is fly, and the fact that they’ve been living their for over a year makes us almost believe these two are for real, John still sounds a little suspect when he talks about the spot.

“Most of the places you look at are cookie-cutter boxes. They don’t have any cool shapes,” he says. “When I was drawing up my ideal thing in my head, it was a unique space in a newer building, with lots of light.” Once Legend found a 1,350-square-foot apartment with floor-to-ceiling windows and soaring downtown views, he tapped Winka Dubbeldam of Archi-Tectonics to do the rest. She had her team knock down walls to open up the living area for entertaining, consolidate a series of hallways to make a master suite with a walk-in closet for Teigen, and create a music room with a Yamaha piano that doubles as a guest room. “We wanted to make it feel homey,” Legend says. “And we’re getting there.”

Does it look “homey” to you? We swear we’re not trying to be funny.


  • Pamela


  • Mrs. Rance

    The views are beautiful. I also like that its small. It bothers me a little to see people with no children living in mansions.

  • http://google wtf

    well, uh, he was kinda flamin when he stayed in detroit.

  • miamac

    I love a great view and great architect, which means I love great renovations. This view is a beautiful of the city.

    Get ready to laugh, cry and shout! Read SAVED and find out what service is like at Mt. Caramel Baptist where the footstomping sideshow of the gays keep some members in stitches.

  • YokoDMV

    i like the color pallatte but the “shapes” feel rigid/sterile = NOT HOMEY

  • Allie

    I love it, it seems to fit his personality, I for sure would love to wake up to that every morning, that view is gorgeous

  • Jordan

    honestly it looks very catalog/look at me-ish…kinda cold and distant…i do think he is a nerd…but i’m not getting gay…and i’m gay so i know better

  • ReALiSt aka ReALiSt (ThE SuPrEmE BoSSiPpEr)

    That’s a lot of room and fresh for booty bandits activities..


    Word to the wise. If you like your girl to strap-on and blaze you in the a$$ you Gay as he!!. My lil homegirl tore this nicca out the frame. So whether you take it from a dude or a chick in the tooter you are Gay!!!


    Nice pad.I hope he crushed the seller on the price.


    interiors are dope.
    views are meh.
    with his kind of dough you’d think he’d have a view of the chrysler or something. :-)

  • queenie

    His crib is just as gay as him. His “girlfriend” is a mail-order Thai tranny. You ain’t fooling nobody Johniqua.

    • Onyx


  • jazr

    Ummm where the curtains at. That’s to much exposed to the world. Giving a theif all oppotunity to c what u got and break in.

  • martell203

    I don’t see why anyone could think he is not suspect, or flat out gay. I hope he is too cause I’ve been in love since ’04

  • pai

    The correct word is “there”. They have been living there for over a year …. The word “their” shows possesion,ex. that’s their home. Wow, just was reading about grasping the fundamentals of education in that Pat Buchanan post.

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