Illuminati Hovi Hov Is Getting More Than Just A Milli For His NYE Gig In Vegas

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Jay-Z Beyonce

If you couldn’t get a room at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Vegas for their swanky New Year’s Eve grand opening featuring Jay-Z, blame that man right there.

Jay-Z is taking up a whopping 50 rooms for the lavish opening of the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. The star, who’s performing at the event along with Coldplay on New Year’s Eve, has “requested the rooms for his entourage and for his personal security,” a source told us. As a result, hotel managers have had to rearrange accommodations for other important guests. Celebs expected at the bash, produced by celebrity event designer Colin Cowie, include Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Alex Rodriguez, Mark Wahlberg, Kristin Davis, Ellen Pompeo, Kellan Lutz, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Olivia Munn, Emmy Rossum, Jessica Szohr, Mark Salling and Selita Ebanks. Jay’s rep wouldn’t comment, but a hotel rep said, “We are looking forward to welcoming Jay-Z to the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, and as is our policy, we don’t disclose details regarding a guest’s accommodations or other arrangements while at the resort.”

Fifty rooms for “entourage and personal security”? Maybe Jay’s plotting a State Property reunion…




    I’m sure he’s trying to make sure his fam and his wife fam have rooms to bring in the New Year with the family. Nothing is wrong with that.

    • dogggnuttz

      I agree hov suppose to do it big like this sh1t.If you sell dam near a hundred million albums and your wife is Beyonce,Rihanna, Rick ross, Jeezy and lots of other major artist are under your tutelage,you have multi million dollar clubs get the front cover of forbes billionaire list with warren buffet, and i could go on and on for hours…….and you a black man in america this man deserves 50 rooms !!!!!!!!

    • D0llBaby1o1

      I’m tired of Beyonce looking so pretty without makeup I should break her neck!!!


      FU-ck her.

      Just playing hahahahahaa!
      You go girl!

    • Kyra

      1 in 5 relationships start online…ready for a romantic filled 2011!

      Someone recommended me a nice community~ Bl ackwhiteC upid / Co m ~where b lack & w hite sin gles are looking for lovers to share interracial lifestyle with…you may check it out or tell your friends.

      :D :D
      Leave this Mystyri person alone bc she or he is WAcko Jacko. Keep doing your thing Jay Z!

  • miamac

    Good looking out Jay! Ain’t nothing wrong with doing the Hammer, even if you don’t want to admit it. Taking care of all your family and friends is proper with your kind of dough. You get brownie points from me. Just saying.

    Get SAVED for New Year!! But don’t go to Mt. Caramel Baptist or else you’ll just end up playing church. Their footstomping and gossipying sideshows take center stage. Read it and laugh, cry and shout!

  • YokoDMV

    doin it like he’s SUPPOSED to

  • The one and only "Its6amHoGetOut"

    What is all this devil talk?

  • The one and only "Its6amHoGetOut"

    And why cant beyonce only be 29?

    just to let ya’ll know its cold as f*ck here!

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals--"Bwackka peepul don't teep!!!

    A courier JUST delivered my key.

    Good lookin’ Hov and Bey!

    • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals--"Bwackka peepul don't teep!!!

      (I wish!)


  • get em paid!

    Sing it Bey! Keep talking that mess that’s right, but can you walk and talk at the same time! To the left, to the left!

  • get em paid!

    Bey will also be getting a million dollars for 3 hours work! Sing it Bey: You must not know about me! Your broke azz know about ME!

  • TRUFF IS...

    rich get richer….poor get poorer

  • Jon

    Thats what Im talking about…….Do it big Jigga Man….. Uh OH, here come the haters

  • Toya thinks Mystyri is evil

    @MYSTYRI…….Child Please, U the one sound like a devil worshipper. Ok we get your point u think their devil worshippers……Move on! Its prob hard for you to being that u wish u had Bey and Jay Money. LOSER

  • MAX

    That’s the way you take care of busy, Love You HOV.

    • Mystyri


  • The one and only "Its6amHoGetOut"

    I can only talk sh*t until my princess wakes up ya’ll. she won “shoe money” last night!

  • The one and only "Its6amHoGetOut"

    7. At $15.99 a person at this buffet, I should be able to stuff fried chicken and pie into my pockets!
    8. F*ck beyonce, my man gits his money too, he’s robbin’ some white n*gga in valet right now!
    9. “You mean if I sits here an
    play the nickel slots they gon’ keep bringin’ me more and more drinks”?
    10. B*tch you said da’ drinks was fo’ free, why yo’ azz want a dollar?

    Love 6am

  • Jay

    Um, yeah you can take rooms away from the likes of Z-lister’s like Olivia Munn, she doesn’t need to be there.

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