Ho Sit Down: Super Wankster Tucker Carlson Reneges On Michael Vick Execution Statement

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Oh now this douchebag wants to take back his words:

Tucker Carlson returned to “Hannity” on Monday and walked back his statement that footballer Michael Vick “should’ve been executed” for his abuse of dogs.

He had made the statement on last Tuesday’s show after it emerged that President Obama had spoken with Vick. Sean Hannity joked that he’d read that Carlson was “destroying the show” during his break and asked him to explain his comments.

“This is what happens when you get too emotional,” Carlson said. “I’m a dog lover, I love them and…I know a lot about what Michael Vick did…I overspoke. I’m uncomfortable with the death penalty in any circumstance. Of course I don’t think he should be executed, but I do think that what he did is truly appalling.”

Peep video below:

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  • Nana

    After Numerous death wishes this Man apologizes? Am sure he REALLY wishes the death penalty on dude! Smfh I don’t believe u, u need more people!

    • Sussie

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      Here’s the point he’s missing. He said he’s a Christian, but in the eyes of GOD all humans are brothers. If he’s really a Christian no DOG would come before your brother man.

  • purple love

    He don’t know nothing about what vick did he just know what peta’s over exaggerating azz said he did(even tho its still horrific) every time I read about him its worse and worse they just come up with stuff to get ppl to stop supporting him…and I heard mr. Tucker was getting some death threats of his own don’t feel too good do it? #teamvick<3

  • get em paid!

    It’s a clique lol IQ 70

  • bay-ba-bayBAAA718

    to late ya jerk…thats what faux news is good for..driving it in hard till it hurts…there so much bullsh_t coming out of there mouth execution n lynching is there only way of seeking justice..hannity is no different..they take things so outta context its unreal to me how folks get moved by there show..still an a-hole in my book!!

  • Dr Black

    I swear on what is left of this crazy world, people KILL me always defending soemone, just because theya re a fan. Do you all not see what VICK did. He had dogs murdered. Harmless, helpless dogs murdered. I am sorry Purple love, but there are people who actually LOVE ANIMALS, and they know that these animals cannot protect themselves against human beings. Now of course Vick should not have been evecuted, and of course he deserves to be given a second chance. But stop acting so harshly against people who have not forgiven him. Some people oove animals as much as they love family members.

    • Dr Black?????

      I love the part about “Harmless, helpless dogs”.
      That must be a new breed of PitBulls. Do they kill the children of owners who wisely let them play with their children? You probably have never heard of reports about these “Harmless, helpless dogs” brutally attacking people.


      F!@k them dogs!!!

  • Mike

    TYPICAL yt

  • tg

    Some people and by SOME – most know who I mean – ARE CRAZY. I love animals and I’m glad he did a lil time to show him his ways were WRONG picking on defenseless animals. But to say the man should DIE over an animal. Give me a FREAKING BREAK. These people and I’m sure most know who I mean, give serial killers of PEOPLE more breaks then they want to give this man. CHEEZ – the man paid his debt to ANIMALS. LMAO I’m laughing at WHY these people won’t let it go. Is he the only one who ever mistreated animals in this COUNTRY. Hunting is not CRUEL. Give me a break – NO, better yet – give him a break.

    • A Pit Bull is Not a part of the defenseless animals breed

      You do get that?

  • Sam

    All this over a dog. He wouldn’t have said that if he murdered a child. smh..

  • I AMm Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    He wouldnt have said this if it was a white man shooting Bambi or shooting a damn crocodile ..

  • purple love

    @ Dr Black I understand what you’re saying and I even admitted what he did was horrific but its the ppl that take it over the top that make me stand up for him…and I don’t like to play the race card ever but I have to think some of this is racists people keep condemning him but kevin kolb hunts with a knife meaning he Brutally stabs and murders animals why no shade for him??

  • abolitionist

    This Hannity clown guest is an example of the white elitist mentality that runs our country. I’m sure his family was disappointed when they changed the laws in the early 1900’s thus no longer making it legal to lynch a male negro if 5 or more townspeople felt that the said non-caucasian was having an inappropriate affair with a white girl. Check the web for the history on this..

  • DMV Guy

    I hope Dr.Black isn’t a omnivore because chickens, turkeys, cows, pigs, fish (all see life), etc. cannot protect themselves against human beings…

  • So confused.....

    I’m so sick and tired of these folks riding this man. Let the boy live. He committed a crime, and paid the price. Now he is back in society doing the right thing. White folks will never be happy. But it’s funny how no one wants to forgive and forget his actions, but these are the same people who have NO PROBLEM with the glorified animal killings on ESPN Sunday mornings programming. If any of you have the time or energy, tune in to ESPN Sunday mornings between 5-8 am. These people BROADCAST the heinous slaughtering of “innocent” deer, ducks, bison, ect on television. Where the FU*K is your outrage on that ish? Pure comedy.

  • kadija1982

    what mike vick was wrong but i think jailtime was a little too much, and this dimwit talking about he should be executed so i guess i should 15 years behind bars for killing a cockroach should i?
    i swear white people treat dogs and animals better than they do people

  • 1word

    Here’s the point he’s missing. He said he’s a Christian, but in the eyes of GOD all humans are brothers. If he’s really a Christian no DOG would come before your brother man.

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