Jesus Take The Wheel: Omaha Kid Who Shot Up His School Left A Warning On Facebook

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Robert Butler Jr School Shooting Omaha Nebraska

And we thought it could never be “one of us.”

The Omaha student who went on a shooting rampage at his high school Wednesday posted a chilling message on Facebook warning of the attack and blaming the school for driving him to violence.

Robert Butler Jr., 17, burst into an office at Millard South High School in Omaha during school hours and fired four to five shots, striking the assistant principal and the principal before fleeing in his car and eventually committing suicide about a mile from the school, Omaha police said.

Assistant Principal Vicki Kaspar, 58, died at a hospital hours later. The principal, Curtis Case, 45, was reported in serious but stable condition.

No students were injured in the shooting.

Butler’s friends and family were left dumbfounded by the attack and struggled to explain what drove the boy, described as fun-loving and energetic, to his gruesome end.

“It’s just unreal,” Robert Uribe, Butler’s stepgrandfather, told The Associated Press. “I don’t know what would possess him to do that.”

But a rambling message Butler posted to Facebook just hours before the shooting has left some clues.

In the expletive-laced rant, Butler, who had been at the school for only two months after moving from Lincoln, Neb., wrote that the new city and the new school had changed him.

According to several media reports, the post read:

“Everybody that used to know me I’m [sorry] but Omaha changed me and [expletive] me up. and the school I attend is even worse ur gonna here about the evil [expletive] I did but that [expletive] school drove me to this. I wont u guys to remember me for who I was b4 this ik. I greatly affected the lives of the families ruined but I’m sorry.”

Butler signed off the post with an ominous “goodbye.”

Local police did not say what kind of gun Butler used or how he obtained it.

Butler’s father is a detective for the Omaha Police Department, and investigators were interviewing him to learn more about what may have led to the shooting.

Students and friends described Butler as a fun-loving prankster who was occasionally scolded by teachers for cutting up in class, but didn’t seem angry.

“He didn’t seem like a kid who would go out and do this,” Butler’s buddy Jacob Rinke told The AP. “When I first heard about this in school, I didn’t believe it. I was pretty much in denial about it.”

SMH. We have got to do better a better job of teaching these kids how to deal.


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