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  • barbra

    I wish that these talented brothers get together and travel.. Not as much as they use to but to stop the poor big mouths from talking about their money. Their father was the reason for their success. Leave the father alone, you might not like him because you do not know him. Who he really is. He is about business. He does love his kids. We all make mistakes as parents, some larger than others. Mostly people of color know this and how our parents was if you were in their birth time and before. All marriages do not last as relationships.. He still is always trying to be there when things are bad for them, and Michael was spoiled, and look how he died. Maybe if Joe had held the reins and stayed his inventions for the start of them,Mike might be alive. He was still trying to get to Mike before he died, and the secret life styles would not allow it. He was trying to save his son before then, ask his mother, Cat.We are so quick to believe people that we love. It is sad that certain members are broke. The men need to leave the rotten female alone. Janet, Mikes monies, should be allowed to help, They were always supporting Mike when he did foolish things. This is a family, and regardless what happened at performing and the pushing their dad did, he deserves better than what people are doing and saying. He did not kill Mike. Mike allowed others that was not family or friends to come in his space. FINAL ANSWER

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